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Lithuania Gives Out 10,000 Nights for Free this Fall: New Tourism Boosting Campaign by 500 Accommodation Providers

Lithuania Gives Out 10,000 Nights for Free this Fall: New Tourism Boosting Campaign by 500 Accommodation Providers

Lithuania has come up with an attractive deal for independent travelers: stay three nights in the country but pay only for two. Up to 500 Lithuanian hotels, B&Bs, and other short-term accommodation providers have teamed up with the government for this campaign to offer the first 10,000 travelers who register more time to explore the country’s natural landscapes, urban peculiarities, and the charming Baltic Sea shoreline. The campaign with the slogan “Lithuania. Take your time.” will be running between September 2nd and November 8th, 2021.

Travelers will be able to benefit from the offer by registering on the campaign’s dedicated landing page, and receiving a Unique Code straight to their inbox. Having booked three or more nights directly with one of up to 500 partnering accommodation providers, visitors will be offered the last night for free. The maximum compensation value amounts to €65. 

The campaign is launched by the Ministry of Economy and Innovation and Lithuania Travel, the country’s national tourism development agency. One of the campaign goals is to showcase Lithuania as a fresh destination for city breaks. 

“The campaign signifies an active cooperation between Lithuanian businesses and the government to sustain the tourism industry amidst the pandemic waves, as well as to give international tourists extra time to travel the country,” said Aušrinė Armonaitė, Minister of Economy and Innovation. “Lithuania, located right in the heart of Europe, is rich in unspoiled nature, comfort cuisine, and never-ending cultural life. Why not extend the trip for a while longer and indulge in a full-on Lithuanian experience?”

Given that Lithuania is compact in terms of size, the complimentary third-night stay provides a perfect opportunity for travelers to get a feeling of all three largest cities: Vilnius, the country’s vibrant capital known for its Baroque Old Town and lively food scene; Kaunas, Lithuania’s second-largest city characterized by Modernist architecture and street art; and Klaipėda, a laid-back port town located a mere stone throw away from the Curonian Spit—one of the country’s most celebrated nature sites. 

An additional day in Lithuania also offers ample chances to live like a local. The season is perfect for mushroom hunting, hiking, cycling, and exploring the age-old traditions of Lithuanian sauna. Foodies will be happy to see authentic, seasonal cuisine dominating the menus of the country’s TOP 30 restaurants, while the local craft scene will spoil beer lovers.

All tourism activities are currently available in Lithuania, with minimal restrictions in place. More information about the COVID-19 situation and traveling guidelines are available here