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Create Lithuania („Kurk Lietuvai“) celebrates its 10th anniversary

Create Lithuania („Kurk Lietuvai“) celebrates its 10th anniversary

Create Lithuania is the first and to this day still the only programme for professional development and the applicability of best foreign practices to Lithuania. It enables professionals to contribute towards shaping the future of modern Lithuania with their knowledge and ideas.

Since 2012, Create Lithuania has been annually inviting professionals with internationally acquired experience to participate in the programme. For 12 months, participants of Create Lithuania advise (on rotating basis) public sector bodies on national and regional issues in a number of areas, such as the improvement of Lithuania’s image, the enhancement of competitiveness and business environment, the promotion of entrepreneurship and foreign direct investment, etc.

Over the decade of its operation, 282 projects have been implemented, 236 professionals have returned to live and work in Lithuania, and as many as 40% of the participants have remained in the public sector. In total, projects have been implemented in as many as 50 institutions in the country.

“The programme is a great start for people who want to experience Lithuania and its public sector. Many of today’s successful professionals in the public sector, who are holding management positions, started in the Create Lithuania programme. Others choose to work in the non-governmental or private sector and contribute in other ways to improving Lithuania. We are a community united by a common goal – to create a successful future for Lithuania,” says Monika Merkytė, Create Lithuania Project Manager.

The programme lasts 12 months and consists of two six-month projects implemented in pairs or trios in different public sector institutions at national or regional level. Depending on their interests and skills, participants can carry out breakthrough projects in education, economics, innovation, security, environment, social policy, or other areas.

The latest project of Create Lithuania is joint teams with Ukrainians to contribute to the reconstruction of Ukraine.