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World Expo 2020 exhibition – special attention to Lithuania’s global business potential

World Expo 2020 exhibition – special attention to Lithuania’s global business potential

In the international exhibition Expo 2020 Lithuania presents itself this year through the prism of sustainability and, based on Lithuania’s strategy of positioning abroad “Co-Create”, invites the countries of the world together to build a sustainable future. The Lithuanian and United Arab Emirates business forum, which is attended by almost 50 leading Lithuanian companies and business representatives, became the focus of the Lithuanian national day exhibition. During the visit, business meetings will be held to discuss bilateral trade and investment opportunities.

Organisers have dedicated a national day to each of the 192 countries participating in the Expo 2020 exhibition, during which the countries present themselves to the visitors of the event and the world. Lithuania’s national day is presented on 22 October, with a significant part of the day’s programme focusing on presenting Lithuania’s business potential to the world. For the first time ever, the business forum organized at the world exhibition is presented by the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Lithuanian entrepreneurship and export development agency Enterprise Lithuania, the rural business and markets development agency Litfood and other partners.

“We are here to strengthen, expand our partnerships and to present innovative and advanced solutions to global challenges. Innovative attitudes, educated people and rich culture create ideal conditions for Lithuania to be a catalyst for change,” points out Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania Ingrida Šimonytė.

We have something to be proud of in the world

Minister of Economy and Innovation Aušrinė Armonaitė, who presented Lithuania’s economic opportunities to the world at the business forum, noted that growing businesses and start-ups choose Lithuania for a number of reasons: excellent business environment, technological leadership, highly qualified professionals, reliable and skilled Lithuanian industry business partners.

“We can be proud of numerous significant achievements and attainments, and we have bright personalities with vigour, flexibility, and vision. Lithuania is open to receiving foreign start-ups, advanced foreign businesses, and is ready to export its products and jointly address global challenges in the fields of high technology, biotechnology, lasers, fintech. In Lithuania, business collaborates with science, and the country’s scientists have already gained global recognition. We are a step ahead in many areas, we support innovation at the state level, so we are interesting to the world as reliable partners,” says A. Armonaitė.

We create and implement what others are just talking about

In the spaces of the national pavilion and during the business forum, Lithuania’s economic potential was presented by emphasizing the country’s business innovation and ability to create global future solutions, examples of which were shared by Lithuanian business leaders from Auga Group, Geld Baltic, Solitek, Elinta Charge, Inbalance Grid, Femtika, Caszyme, Ondato, Telesoftas.

“The business forum focuses on sustainability, which Lithuanian companies are already implementing to meet global challenges and are able to offer new innovative solutions. It is great that Lithuanian business is talking about tomorrow’s perspectives today, by changing traditional thinking and opening up new opportunities for competitiveness of Lithuanian business and economy,” says Managing Director of Enterprise Lithuania Daina Kleponė.

“The agricultural and food industry is one of the main sectors of the Lithuanian economy. Advanced countries are particularly attracted to high added value, innovative and sustainably manufactured products, so we can be proud that today we can offer not only innovative solutions to the UAE and the rest of the world, but also exclusive Lithuanian origin foods and beverages that we export to more than 150 countries around the world. Innovations in food production and agriculture, such as the 3D snack printer or the world’s first zero-emission tractor for professional use, presented by Geld Baltic and AUGA Group today at the bilateral business forum, only further enhance the image of our state and prove that Lithuanian businesses are ready and have every opportunity to develop innovative, sustainable and foreign-market solutions for the food industry,” supposes Director of Litfood Šarūnas Celiešius speaking about the achievements.

Facts about Expo 2020

  • Exhibitions have been held in the world for 170 years
  • Lithuania participated in expositions 13 times
  • Lithuania’s first participation was in 1937
  • Exhibition in Shanghai in 2010 attracted a record 73 million visitors
  • For the first time in history, due to the COVID-19, the exhibition has been postponed by one year by the common consensus of participants
  • 192 countries of the word take part in the exhibition
  • Exposition takes place from 1 October 2021 until 31 March 2022, but retains the original name – Expo 2020
  • Exhibition is held every 5 years and lasts 6 months.
  • The Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania takes care of the installation of the Lithuanian pavilion
  • Enterprise Lithuania and Litfood take care of the programme of the business forum and the national day.