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Prime Minister has opened the Lithuanian National Day at EXPO 2020

Prime Minister has opened the Lithuanian National Day at EXPO 2020

Today, 22 October, Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė has opened the Lithuanian National Day at EXPO 2020 Dubai.

The Prime Minister has emphasised that the international community constantly faces challenges ranging from climate change and economic crises to the pandemic, and that sustainable solutions can only be found through concerted efforts.
‘EXPO 2020 is a collaborative platform that encourages exchange of ideas, development of new partnerships, and search for innovative solutions to global challenges. We are here to strengthen and expand our partnerships and to showcase innovative and cutting-edge solutions to global problems,’ said Šimonytė.

The technologies and solutions presented in the Lithuanian pavilion are Lithuania’s achievements in life sciences, lasers, renewable energy, circular economy, and other cutting-edge fields.

Today Prime Minister will also open a key event of the Lithuanian National Day at EXPO 2020, a Business Forum organised  by Enterprise Lithuania and Litfood. The day will end with the Vilnius City Opera, the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra, and prominent Lithuanian opera singers.   
World exhibitions have been held since 1851. They have been constantly evolving and changing, and have not lost their relevance to this day. World exhibitions are now held every five years and last for six months. Most of the world’s countries are involved: 155 countries participated in Expo 2000 Hanover, 192 countries took part in Expo 2010 Shanghai, 144 countries joined Expo 2015 in Milan, and currently 192 countries are present in EXPO 2020 Dubai. Millions of people visit the world exhibitions: the record of 63 million visitors at Expo ’70 Osaka was beaten at Expo 2010 Shanghai, with 73 million people arriving to see the exhibition.

Lithuania has been participating in world fairs since 1937, and has not missed a single exhibition since restoration of its independence. In total, Lithuania has taken part in 13 world exhibitions.

Last year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world exhibition was postponed for a year for the first time in its history. However, despite being postponed, the year 2020 has been kept in the name.