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Open call for Sandbox initiative

Open call for Sandbox initiative

The Ministry of Transport and Communications’ innovation incentive, known as the Sandbox initiative, aimed at fostering innovation in the realm of 5G technology, is drawing attention on an international level.

Until 31 May, there is an ongoing open call for proposals under the approved funding conditions for this initiative, with a funding allocation of EUR 23.5 million. Until 31 July, start-ups can apply for a further EUR 1 million of investment. International business consortia and foreign start-ups are anticipated to participate, as foreign partners have been consistently briefed on the conditions of the open and start-up funding calls.

“Foreign practice shows that not only financial support, but also integration into the emerging multi-faceted Sandbox community in general, is a strong accelerator”, says Minister of Transport and Communications Marius Skuodis.

With this tool, the Ministry of Transport and Communications wants to encourage innovative solutions in areas such as autonomous transportation, UAVs, the Internet of Things, virtual reality and 5G-based robotisation. The use of advanced technological solutions in the development of sustainable mobility data management, unified ticketing systems, digitisation of transport concessions and so on will be promoted.

The digital solutions planned by the applicants can be designed not only for the transport sector, but also to increase digitisation in health, industry, energy, agriculture, environment, education, social security, and other fields.

The first Sandbox initiative, for which EUR 23.5 million in support has been allocated, is designed for consortia made up of private and public legal entities engaged in economic activities and higher education and research institutions. The maximum amount of support for one project is EUR 3 million. Applications can be submitted until 31 May.

The second Sandbox initiative is for start-ups – micro and small enterprises that have been registered with the Register of Legal Entities for no more than five years. The maximum amount of funding for one project is EUR 50,000. Applications can be submitted until 31 July.

As part of the “Next Generation Lithuania” plan for economic recovery and resilience, funded by the European Union’s Recovery and Resilience Facility of the NextGenerationEU programme, a sum of EUR 24.5 million will be invested in the Sandbox initiative in Lithuania by the conclusion of 2025.