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Lithuanian unicorn Vinted ahead of rivals Amazon, eBay, and Facebook

Lithuanian unicorn Vinted ahead of rivals Amazon, eBay, and Facebook

The latest survey conducted by Which? shows that among the online platforms for selling, Vinted ranks ahead of Amazon, eBay, and Facebook. Vinted received a lot of praise from sellers and buyers alike, and the total customer score amounted to 75%.

Vinted, the largest online platform for selling pre-owned fashion goods in Europe, also received a five-star rating for its search engine and for such user-friendly functions as contacting sellers, presenting offers, and putting items for sale. Social media giants Facebook and Gumtree–both more widely recognized platforms with a higher number of more diverse goods for sale–ranked second with 68% customer score.

Facebook’s user-friendly system of putting an item for sale received five stars, while its payment system earned only two stars. eBay came close with 67% customer score. Amazon Marketplace ended up in fourth place with 64% customer score. However, customer satisfaction and likelihood that people are going to recommend the platform decreased compared to its competitors and the average customer score rating for all the platforms. Its search engine and user-friendly interface received five-star ratings.

Vinted, Lithuania’s first unicorn, valued at more than €3.5 billion, aims at making second-hand clothes the first choice around the world. Vinted’s offices are based in Vilnius, Berlin, Prague, Amsterdam, and Utrecht. These spots help the start-up operate in 15 markets: Spain, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, the UK, Italy, Portugal, the USA, and Canada.