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Lithuanian Laser Recognized as the World’s Best

Lithuanian Laser Recognized as the World’s Best

On January 31, Lithuanian laser developers Ekspla were honoured with the prestigious SPIE Prism Awards 2024, often referred to as the ‘Oscar of the laser industry,’ for the best laser, the FemtoLux30. This achievement holds special significance for Ekspla, marking their second award within the Lithuanian laser community; the first was achieved in 2010.

The FemtoLux 30 tells a remarkable story, not just for entering the new industrial laser market with impact but for introducing an unprecedented innovation to the laser world. Distinguishing itself as the first laser cooled by Freon rather than water, a technology previously exclusive to the semiconductor and military industries. The FemtoLux 30 has rapidly gained consumer acceptance and is actively used in various industrial applications, including the processing of polymers, metals, glass, silicon, and other materials. Additionally, it finds application in scientific research.

This outstanding accomplishment is a testament to over 30 years of dedicated work by Ekspla. Aldas Juronis, CEO of Ekspla, expressed the significance of teamwork in this achievement, stating, “Any challenge can be accepted, and great victories can only be achieved by working and creating together.”

The Prism Awards, presented annually, recognize the most innovative products in laser, photonics, or optics from companies worldwide. The 2024 awards, held for the 16th time, are considered the ‘Oscars of the photonics and laser sector’, concluding the global Photonics West conference and exhibition organized by the international society for optics and photonics.

Ekspla’s lasers have been shortlisted three times for these prestigious awards. In 2010, Ekspla secured the top award in the scientific laser category of the Prism Awards for its NT200 laser system. This recent achievement further solidifies Ekspla’s position as a leader in the global laser industry.