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Nine Lithuanian beaches awarded Blue Flag for 2023

Nine Lithuanian beaches awarded Blue Flag for 2023

This summer, as many as nine Lithuanian beaches will fly the Blue Flag, which is a symbol of a clean and safe environment.

The decision has been communicated to Lithuania by the International Blue Flag Council Commission of the Copenhagen-based Foundation for Environmental Education.

The Blue Flag will fly this year at Nida central, Juodkrante central and Preila beaches in Neringa municipality, Smiltyne I and Melnrage II beaches in Klaipėda municipality, Birutė Park beach in Palanga municipality, and Balsis Lake, and Žirmūnai beach in Vilnius municipality, also at Valakupiai I beach, which is a new addition to the list.

The Blue Flag is a globally recognised quality label that is awarded, for one summer, to beaches that meet international environmental, water quality, safety and accessibility criteria.

The condition of Blue Flag beaches is also assessed during the summer, usually by representatives of the National Council, but it can also be done by visiting international experts. Should a beach fail to meet the set criteria, the flag may be temporarily lowered or even lost for the entire season.

Currently, the Blue Flag flies on over 4,000 beaches in 50 worldwide, and Lithuania has been part of the programme since 2001.

The information is based on a report by the Association of Local Authorities in Lithuania.