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Kėdainiai becomes a new home for Pon.Bike bicycle factory

<a><strong>Kėdainiai becomes a new home for Pon.Bike bicycle factory</strong></a>

Don’t be surprised if your future favourite bicycle will be made in Lithuania — the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer Pon.Bike with headquarters in the Netherlands is building a new factory in Kėdainiai. 450,000 bicycles will be produced here every year. The new factory will assemble bikes by various world-famous brands including Gazelle, Kalkhoff, Focus, and Urban Arrow.

This is Pon.Bike’s eighth and most modern factory. The company’s other factories are located in the Netherlands, Germany, the U.S., and Brazil.

Lithuania won the competition against Poland and Portugal, which were Lithuania’s rivals for the investment.

Pon.Bike is setting up its operations in the 130-hectare Kėdainiai Free Economic Zone (FEZ). The Kėdainiai FEZ industrial zone, which is accessible to foreign investors, offers well-developed physical and legal infrastructure, support services, and tax incentives.

By the end of the third quarter of 2024, the company will employ around 300 people, mainly in the areas of bicycle assembling, frame painting, and warehouse logistics. Afterwards the number of employees is expected to grow and reach 600.

About Pon.Bike

Pon.Bike was founded in 2011 after acquiring Royal Dutch Gazelle, the leading high-quality bicycle manufacturer in the Netherlands. Since then, Pon.Bike has been building a range of premium bicycle brands around the world, such as German brands Kalkhoff and Focus, Cervélo and Santa Cruz from the U.S., and Dutch brands Urban Arrow and BBB Cycling. During the last decade, in the European bicycle market, Pon. Bike also launched new rental, leasing and retail concepts with brands such as Swapfiets and Lease a Bike. Pon.Bike‘s top brands are on sale in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia.