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Global BOD Group opens €27.5 Million Innovation Centre in Vilnius

Global BOD Group opens €27.5 Million Innovation Centre in Vilnius

The high-technology group Global BOD Group has inaugurated an innovation, research, and laboratory centre valued at 27.5 million euros in Vilnius.

The building is set to accommodate research companies such as Caszyme, Nomads, and LT Biotech, along with Global BOD Group’s solar module manufacturing and power plant installation company, SoliTek. Additionally, it will host the research laboratory Medicina Practica, orthopaedic production and sales units, various other laboratories and offices, dental and family clinics, massage and beauty studios, and the catering chain iLunch.

Almost all the building’s energy requirements will be sourced from renewable energy sources. According to Vidmantas Janulevičius, Chairman of the Group’s Board, this marks a new milestone in the market for such infrastructures.

“This building is entirely independent from the city’s central heating system. It can be heated and cooled solely using geothermal heating and solar power. The building solely requires an electricity supply to perform its production functions,” mentioned Janulevičius.

Over 850 kW of solar modules have been integrated on the roof and facade of the building. The heating system of the building, equipped with four 720 kW heat pumps, facilitates cooling during the summer. Furthermore, plans include a 3.3 MWh electricity storage system, and a shelter housing all necessary equipment and systems will be installed in the building’s basement.