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Genomika Secures €5 Million Investment from EU, Switzerland, and UK to revolutionize genetics

Genomika Secures €5 Million Investment from EU, Switzerland, and UK to revolutionize genetics

Genomika, a Lithuanian deep-tech biotechnology company located in Tech-Park Kaunas, has reached a significant milestone by securing a substantial investment of over €5 million from the European Union, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. The funding is aimed at revolutionizing genetics through pioneering research in data storage using DNA molecules. This achievement not only marks a major success for Genomika but also highlights the importance of its work in the eyes of the European Innovation Council, which has launched the targeted investment initiative, Pathfinder.

Genomika’s Role as a Coordinator of the International Consortium

The European Union has recognized the potential impact of Genomika’s groundbreaking research and its wide-ranging applications across various industries. As a result, the company has been selected to lead an international consortium through the Pathfinder initiative. The consortium will focus on developing innovative and high-breakthrough strategic technologies, with data storage in DNA molecules being a priority research area.

Purpose of the Investment

The funds received from the EU, Switzerland, and the UK will be strategically utilized by Genomika to expand its laboratory facilities, acquire state-of-the-art equipment, attract top talent, and foster scientific exploration. The ultimate goal of the project is to develop a cutting-edge hard drive technology based on the storage of information in DNA molecules within the next three years. This advancement will bring DNA data storage technology closer to practical application and revolutionize the way we store and access information.

The development of the DNA-based hard drive technology will involve a multidisciplinary team comprising IT engineers, data and Internet of Things (IoT) scientists, bioinformatics experts, robotics specialists, DNA nanotechnology researchers, sequencing specialists, and gene synthesis experts. This collaborative effort will harness the expertise of professionals from various fields to accelerate the progress of this groundbreaking technology.

The Future of Information Storage

 Lukas Žemaitis, co-founder of Genomika, emphasized the transformative potential of DNA as the future repository for storing information. “Unlike traditional storage technologies that become obsolete over time and require constant updates, DNA can store vast amounts of data in a compact and durable manner. This unique characteristic of DNA data storage promises to revolutionize the way we preserve and access information for generations to come“, says Žemaitis.

Genomika’s achievement of securing a €5 million investment for the development of DNA data storage technology showcases the power of co-creation in the realm of genetics. The collaboration between Genomika and the international consortium, supported by the EU, Switzerland, and the UK, highlights the potential of joint efforts in revolutionizing information storage. Through this co-creative approach, Genomika stands at the forefront of biotechnological innovation, ready to reshape industries and lead us into a future of advanced data storage possibilities.

Based on pressrelease of Tech- Park Kaunas