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Cyber Champions Summit to take place in Vilnius

Cyber Champions Summit to take place in Vilnius

On the 18th of April Vilnius will host Cyber Champions Summit cybersecurity forum. The forum, themed “A bridge between the Transatlantic and Asia-Pacific”, is organised by the Ministry of National Defence in cooperation with the National Cyber Security Centre and the Regional Cyber Defence Centre. The event will bring together public and private sector representatives from NATO and Asia-Pacific countries to discuss cybersecurity issues of the highest relevance at present.

The main objective of the Cyber Champions Summit forum is to provide a platform for countries to share experiences and strengthen relationships through the development of joint projects in the field of cybersecurity, while public and private sector representatives can discover new opportunities for cooperation to protect critical infrastructure more effectively and to accelerate the development of innovations to increase resilience to cyber threats.

“This high-level meeting of cybersecurity experts is an excellent opportunity to strengthen cross-border cooperation in cybersecurity. Cyber threats have no borders, and we need to respond in a coordinated way with allies and partners. Global challenges in cyberspace are constantly evolving, so it is necessary to exchange best practices and involve the private sector in finding new solutions to counter cyber threats,” said Minister of National Defence Arvydas Anušauskas.

Representatives from Australia, Israel, Japan, the USA, the Netherlands, and other countries will share their experiences in countering cyber-attacks, discuss cybersecurity threats from Russia and China, opportunities for cooperation in responding to global cybersecurity challenges, and discuss possible cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure as well as ways to prevent them. The event will also focus on transformational technologies, with experts discussing the challenges and opportunities posed by artificial intelligence, big data, and autonomous systems.

As we approach the NATO Summit in Vilnius, the commitments made in Madrid to strengthen cyber defence capabilities are also recalled. NATO Allies are preparing to develop cyber-response capabilities in the light of the lessons learned in Ukraine and will look for ways to support Ukraine in the field of cybersecurity.

Cooperation between countries, as well as between the public and private sectors, is important in tackling cyber threats. Therefore, representatives of large and well-known IT companies such as Google, Palo Alto, and Microsoft have been invited to participate in the summit.