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Building Lithuania’s Largest Solar Park in Molėtai District: Nordic Solar Leads the Way

Building Lithuania’s Largest Solar Park in Molėtai District: Nordic Solar Leads the Way

Nordic Solar, a Danish renewable energy powerhouse, is currently spearheading the construction of what will soon be Lithuania’s largest solar park, situated near Molėtai. Anticipated to commence electricity generation in the first half of 2024, this solar park is a testament to Nordic Solar’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

With a formidable capacity of 100 MW, this innovative solar park is projected to produce electricity equivalent to the annual consumption of approximately 28,000 average European households, marking a significant milestone in Lithuania’s renewable energy landscape.

Nordic Solar’s relentless pursuit of progress is evident in its ambitious plans for expansion. This new solar farm aligns seamlessly with the company’s strategy to fortify its portfolio of solar farms across Europe. Presently, Nordic Solar boasts a presence in 9 European countries, with its solar parks collectively generating approximately 390 MW of power.

Nikolaj Holtet Hoff, CEO of Nordic Solar, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The project in Molėtai perfectly resonates with our vision of engaging at an earlier stage in the value chain, enabling us to actively participate in the design and construction of each solar park.”

This park will comprise over 150,000 solar modules meticulously mounted on Nordic Solar’s patented steel structure. Designed to optimize energy production, this innovative solution minimizes shading, ensuring maximum efficiency in capturing solar energy from the rear panels.

As Nordic Solar continues to champion sustainable energy initiatives, this significant undertaking symbolizes a pivotal stride toward a greener, more sustainable future.

*Based on information from BNS