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World Happiness Report: Lithuania’s Youth Leads the Charge

World Happiness Report: Lithuania’s Youth Leads the Charge

In a world often overwhelmed by chaos and despair, a beacon of hope emerges from the Baltic state of Lithuania. The latest World Happiness Report brings to light a surprising revelation: Lithuania’s under-30 population has seized the top spot for happiness, with an average rating of 7.6 out of 10. Following closely behind are Israel and Serbia, claiming second and third positions respectively. Despite Lithuania’s overall ranking at a respectable 19th position, the under-30 demographic emerges as the undisputed epitome of happiness in 2024, showcasing the resilience and exuberance of the nation’s young populace.

While Finland maintains its reign as the world’s happiest country for the seventh consecutive year, Lithuania’s youthful energy propels it to unprecedented heights.

According to insights from Viltė Jonynaitė, a 27-year-old resident doctor, “the generation under 30 in Lithuania enjoys significant freedom and ample opportunities, yet we remain grounded in historical contexts that encourage modesty and solidarity with those less fortunate. We lead healthy lifestyles, travel, and compare our conditions with those abroad, often realizing that our circumstances, including education, work, healthcare, and housing, are quite good. This realization may be strengthened by our understanding of the uncertainty and challenges our parents faced in their youth, fostering a greater trust in societal structures and a more positive outlook towards life”.

“True national happiness is only achieved when there’s social equality. When one segment of society thrives while another feels excluded, it signals a societal imbalance. We must look to Scandinavian countries as examples and learn from their commitment to justice for all, regardless of age, gender, beliefs, or perspectives,” says former teacher Elena Petrauskytė.

There is concern as the older population, aged 60 and above, find themselves at the 44th position in the happiness ranking. This calls for government attention to address potential disparities in their well-being.

Drawing upon extensive survey data from over 140 countries, this report, a collaborative effort between Gallup, the Oxford Wellbeing Research Centre, the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, and a distinguished editorial board, showcases collective endeavours in understanding and fostering happiness worldwide. Notably, this year’s report introduces separate rankings by age group, shedding light on the nuanced variations in happiness across demographics.

In addition to age, the report delves into six key variables considered crucial in determining happiness levels across nations:

   – GDP per capita

   – Social Support

   – Healthy Life Expectancy

   – Freedom

   – Generosity

   – Perceptions of corruption

Now, let’s explore the roster of the world’s 20 happiest countries in 2024:

1. Finland

2. Denmark

3. Iceland

4. Sweden

5. Israel

6. Netherlands

7. Norway

8. Luxembourg

9. Switzerland

10. Australia

11. New Zealand

12. Costa Rica

13. Kuwait

14. Austria

15. Canada

16. Belgium

17. Ireland

18. Czechia

19. Lithuania

20. United Kingdom