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Lithuania’s capital: attractive and safe travel destination

Lithuania’s capital: attractive and safe travel destination

According to the Statistics Lithuania, Vilnius is seeing a growing tourism trend, with almost half a million visits in the first half of this year, which is just a quarter down on the 2019—a record year for tourism in the capital.

The number of travellers from the USA visiting Vilnius has gone up by a quarter to compare with the benchmark year 2019, while that from Germany and France has seen but a 50% rebound. The largest numbers of travellers, however, have been coming from the neighbouring Latvia and Poland.

According to Inga Romanovskienė, Director of Vilnius City Business and Tourism Development Agency, Go Vilnius, ‘The growing trend in inbound tourism over the first half this year is hopefully indicative of the steady recovery of the industry from the two-year slump, and Vilnius is attractive and safe for travellers not only from the immediate neighbourhood but also from far-off places in the world.

Statistics Lithuania has recorded an exceptionally high rate in domestic tourism. It so happened that the pandemic restrictions preventing travelling outside the country have well served for the local tourism, and Lithuanians haven’t lost the zest to explore their own country. This year, visits to Vilnius by the fellow countrymen have gone up by a quarter to compare with 2019. During the pandemic, Vilnius witnessed growth in hospitality places, tourist attractions and sightseeing routes. Vilnius is also famous for the abundance of interesting events, festivals, and concerts, which is a good reason in itself to visit it. For instance, an event marking the 700th anniversary of the capital, As Young As Vilnius festival, featuring Lewis Capaldi, attracted 40 000 people to the capital.

The hotel statistics of the Lithuanian capital shows 73% hotel occupancy in June. This is just a little bit short of the figure in June 2019 (78%).

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