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“Truth and Conviction” TV Series Transforms Vilnius into 1940s Hamburg

“Truth and Conviction” TV Series Transforms Vilnius into 1940s Hamburg

The American TV series “Truth and Conviction,” based on true, shocking events, is being filmed in Vilnius, transforming the city into 1940s Hamburg. Producers John Foss and Russ Kendall of “Kaleidoscope Pictures,” visiting Lithuania for the third time in nearly 10 years, praise the country’s locations for capturing the series’ atmosphere and commend the professionalism of the local crews. Their families have also come to enjoy the beauty of Vilnius.

“We first visited Lithuania in 2016, looking for 19th-century locations for a film. Not only did we find them, but we also met the excellent partner company, Baltic Film Services. At that time, we were also beginning the TV series ‘Truth and Conviction.’ After seeing Vilnius, we immediately sent photos to the show’s writer, Matt Whitaker. He came a week later and fell in love with the locations, some of which even influenced the story’s development,” says producer Russ Kendall.

“It’s great to work with your film industry professionals—their talent and English proficiency were additional incentives to film in Lithuania. Making a historical film is complex and expensive, requiring high craftsmanship. Currently, we are sitting in a room that will become a 1941 Hamburg apartment, though we are actually filming in a music observatory. The way the film crew transformed this space into another era is phenomenal,” adds John Foss.

A team of Lithuanian film industry professionals is contributing to the realization of “Truth and Conviction.” Costume designer Rūta Lečaitė, makeup artist Božena Moisejenko, and makeup artist Jurga Globytė are responsible for costumes and makeup. The main film designer is Jurga Gedvilaitė, with film artists Ramūnas Rastauskas and Donatas Pirštelis, and sound director Vytautas Kizala. The main cinematographer is assisted by operators Laura Aliukonytė, Audrius Zelenius, and Julius Sičiūnas.

The film features Lithuanian actors Monika Valkūnaitė, Vaidotas Martinaitis, Vitalija Mockevičiūtė, Deividas Breivė, Neringa Bulotaitė, Džiugas Grinys, Indrė Jaraitė, Edita Užaitė, and Paulius Markevičius. Conviction” TV Series Transforms Vilnius into 1940s Hamburg.

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