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SU-MENĖK is back: Vilnius invites to take the contemporary art route as “fare dodger”

SU-MENĖK is back: Vilnius invites to take the contemporary art route as “fare dodger”

SU-MENĖK will be back,” – that was the promise made last year when the initiative was put on pause due to global pandemic and epidemiologic situation in the country. Vilnius is keeping its promise and invites the capital residents and guests to take a special art route SU-MENĖK every weekend in February (starting with the 4th of February).

A special bus will take the residents to galleries and museums free of charge. The initiative that has been organised since 2019 returns even bigger after the pause caused by the pandemic – 31 art stops are waiting for visitors this year, while in 2020, their number was 25 and in 2019 – 17.

“We are happy that not only the galleries and museums are willing to get involved into this initiative of Vilnius City, but also about the fact that we can foster and raise it and offer more and more interesting art content to people. I encourage all not to miss an opportunity to be a fare dodger and to take a route of contemporary art,” – said initiator of SU-MENĖK, Mayor of Vilnius City, Mr. Remigijus Šimašius.

SU-MENĖK invites the residents and city guests to visit the galleries and museums free of charge or for a special price. Various educational activities, excursions, meetings with exhibition authors, and film viewing will be offered to the visitors. If you take the route SU-MENĖK, you will be able to visit not only the stops, immersing art spaces, but also to stop and see the objects present in the city, such as Self-Portrait by Adomas Žudys in Šnipiškės or the mythological sculpture of Vilkpėdė created by sculptor Kęstutis Musteikis and architect Henrikas Žukauskas.

The visitors of the galleries and museums participating in the project SU-MENĖK will be able to collect stamps and count the visited art institutions (the list of distribution places of leaflets is available at The ones who visit the biggest number of galleries and museums will be able to get an award – invitations to art fair ArtVilnius‘22.

In addition to numerous museums and galleries, the visitors will be able to participate in other activities enriching their experience. One of them is to send a letter to oneself in the future, as the 700th Anniversary of Vilnius is approaching, SU-MENĖK will invite us to remember how the letters where written by Duke Gediminas and to commemorate the anniversary by sending the letter to ourselves. The visitors will be able to take a postcard in the galleries and museums, to write something on it and instead of keeping it, to leave it in the gallery or the museum. In 2023, all the postcards will be sent to the addressees!

In order to get even stronger impact of immersion in art, the visitors will be able to take a photo by specially arranged photo walls SU-MENĖK in the National Art Gallery, Arka, and in the Home-Museum of Marija and Jurgis Šlapeliai. You will be able to see how the images are changed by art and culture. Moreover, everyone who will take a photo by any of the aforementioned walls will be invited to share the photo in social networks with hashtag #sumenėk and to win prizes.

Partners of the event: Municipal company “Transport and communications services“, Vilnius Public Transport Ltd, agency of strategic design “Critical“.

The free bus SU-MENĖK will invite to visit the Museum of Applied Art and Design, Home-Museum of Marija and Jurgis Šlapeliai, Art Museum of the Radvilas Palace, Vytautas Kasiulis Art Museum, Home-Museum of Kazys Varnelis, Samuel Bak Museum, MO Museum, Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Centre, Lithuanian Art Centre TARTLE, Vilnius Graphical Art Centre, cultural complex SODAS 2123, as well as the National Art Gallery, the Rooster Gallery, GODÒ Gallery, Užupis Art Incubator  and Gallery Galera, textile gallery of Vilnius Academy of Arts Artifex, Open Gallery, Vilnius Children and Youth Art Gallery, Pamėnkalnis Gallery and galleries Menų tiltas, The Room, Editorial, Arka, terra recognita, Kuntskamera, Meno niša, Vartai, (AV17) and Aidas.

More information is available at and

Information about the route SU-MENĖK is available at