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Singing the National Anthem together for the 15th time

Singing the National Anthem together for the 15th time

Lithuania is the only nation in the world to sing the National Anthem every 6th of July. This year, on July 6, the Statehood Day of Lithuania, the National Anthem will be sung for the 15th time. Singing the National Anthem together has become the main way of celebrating the Statehood Day.

The Statehood Day, celebrated on July 6, commemorates the day of the coronation of Mindaugas, the first King of Lithuania in 1253. He is known as the leader who united the ancient tribes living in the Lithuanian territory and established the Lithuanian State.

This year, we celebrate not only the 700th anniversary of Vilnius, but also the 770th anniversary of the coronation of Lithuania’s first and only King, Mindaugas.

The singing of the national anthem on July 6 was initiated in 2009. That year, yacht Ambersail was sailing around the world and the sailors invited Lithuanians all over the globe to celebrate the Statehood Day together.