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Lithuanian Straw Garden Making Added to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List

Lithuanian Straw Garden Making Added to UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List

The rich tapestry of Lithuania’s cultural heritage has received another prestigious accolade as the tradition of straw garden making has been inscribed on UNESCO’s esteemed List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This significant achievement not only celebrates the essence of cultural diplomacy but also honours a cherished tradition deeply embedded within our country’s history.

Expressing his delight, Simonas Kairys, Minister of Culture, underlined the substantial value of this recognition. With this latest addition, Lithuania proudly boasts four UNESCO-listed cultural phenomena, including the symbolism of cross crafting, the Baltic States’ tradition of song and dance festivals, and the art of polyphonic songs sutartinės alongside the revered straw garden making.

“The tradition of straw garden making remains an enduring emblem of our intangible heritage in Lithuania, “ stated the Minister, emphasizing the continuing vibrancy of this ancient practice. Indeed, straw garden making tradition persistently adorn both public and private spaces, quietly embodying the artistry of their creators while passing on the intricate techniques to younger generations.

The Ministry of Culture spearheaded the nomination application to UNESCO, a testament to the concerted efforts to preserve and promote this unique aspect of Lithuanian heritage. Recognizing its significance, the nomination reflects a commitment to safeguarding our cultural legacy for posterity.

The inclusion of Lithuania’s straw garden making in UNESCO’s esteemed list is not merely an acknowledgment but a testament to the resilience and significance of our cultural heritage. It reaffirms the commitment to cherish and safeguard these invaluable traditions, ensuring they thrive in the tapestry of global cultural diversity.