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May our unity blossom: let’s celebrate Vyshyvanka Day together

May our unity blossom: let’s celebrate Vyshyvanka Day together

Every third Thursday in May, Ukrainians and their friends all over the world dress up with traditionally embroidered outfit to celebrate the Vyshyvanka Day, which falls on the 19th of May this year.

Lithuanians are also invited to join this celebration so as to honour the traditions of Ukraine fighting against Russia’s military aggression and to show solidarity with our own Ukrainian community, many of which are war refugees.

May the unity blossom in the colours of vyshyvanka on the 19th of May! Put on a traditional Ukrainian vyshyvanka to go to work, university or anywhere else so as to spread the message of support for Ukraine.

Vyshyvanka is a traditional shirt or blouse, worn by men and women alike, embroidered with ethnic patterns, which oftentimes differ from region to region in Ukraine. Although similar ornaments can also be found in other Slavic regions, the Ukrainian vyshyvanka stands out for its unique embroidery features, telling us the story of a family or a region.

As an ever-present part of the Ukrainian national identity, vyshyvanka gained a particular symbolic meaning back in 2014 during the Maidan uprising and, later, Russia’s war against Ukraine.

The geometric embroidery is believed to have miraculous powers to mobilise, protect, and give strength so needed in the fight for freedom. Vyshyvanka also serves as a symbol of unity: the Vyshyvanka Day is celebrated in Canada, the United States, and many other countries with large Ukrainian communities.