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Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in spotlight of Berlin International Film Festival

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in spotlight of Berlin International Film Festival

The 73rd Berlin International Film Festival (BIFF) will grant the Baltic States — Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia — special guests of honour status at the 2023 European Film Market (EFM).

A joint stand will represent the Baltic film industry at the European Film Market from 16 to 22 February.

Focus on film industry talent

The European Film Market organises two programmes focusing on experienced and emerging producers.

Upcoming Producer programme features Lithuanian producer and director Giedrė Žickytė (production company Moonmakers), producer Klementina Remeikaitė (production company  Afterchool), Justė Michailinaitė (production company Broom Films) as well as producer and director Romas Zabarauskas.

For those actively looking for co-production opportunities, the European Film Market is organising a separate Visitors Programme, which will give producers the opportunity for effective international networking. This year’s European Film Market participants include Emilija Sluškonytė (production company Austre Studio), Andrius Lekavičius (production company 360 Degree Films) and Ieva Černiauskaitė (production company Film Jam).

Participants of both programmes will be presented in different formats, where they will be able to expand their contact network and look for potential co-production, sales or other opportunities.

Two Lithuanian representatives in the Berlinale Film Festival programme

Among the three Baltic States, Lithuania is the only one with two participants selected for the Berlinale Talents programme this year. The first director and screenwriter featured in the programme is Milda Baginskaitė, who currently lives and works in the UK.

The next Berlinale Talent is director Vytautas Puidokas, director of documentary El Padre Medico released in 2019.

Lithuanian TV show among the 16 selected

The Berlinale Series Market Selects programme includes a new Lithuanian TV series Troll Farm (dir. Ernestas Jankauskas, prod. Gabija Siurbytė). It is one of 16 selected series presented to the festival as having a high market potential.

Two Lithuanian documentary projects will also be presented at the European Film Market. The first one is Life and Death of a Christmas Tree, directed by Arturas Jevdokimovas (producer Ringailė Leščinskienė), and the latest work by Aistė Žegulytė Biodestructors (producer Uljana Kim, executive producer Migla Butkutė).

Lithuanian classics in the Berlin Film Festival programme

The Berlinale Film Festival’s Retrospective programme, dedicated to classic restored films, this year will include the restored 1969 Arūnas Žebriūnas’ classic The Beauty.

The European Film Market will take place from 16 to 22 February this year during the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival. The film festival will take place from 16 to 26 February.

Lithuania has a solid portfolio in film industry and is putting itself on the world cinema map. Professional film production companies, the film tax incentive, and the architectural diversity of Lithuania’s cities are the main reasons for film companies to choose Lithuania. Lithuanian directors have won highest film awards in recent years and have made Lithuania’s name known around the world.