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Lava-Drops Secures Golden Pin Award for Sustainable Guitar Design

Lava-Drops Secures Golden Pin Award for Sustainable Guitar Design

Rapolas Gražys, the visionary mind behind Lava-Drops, has won the Taiwanese Golden Pin Award for Best Design. Standing at the forefront of innovation, Lava-Drops specializes in crafting electric guitars that redefine the boundaries of sustainable craftsmanship.

The award-winning Lithuanian company takes pride in fashioning drop-shaped guitars using a blend of environmentally conscious materials like sapele wood and maple, complemented by the integration of aluminium aircraft parts. Rapolas Gražys’ remarkable creations have graced international showcases of contemporary art, music, and innovation, earning accolades such as the esteemed Red Dot Award.

Not merely decorative pieces, Lava-Drops guitars have resonated with world-renowned musicians who have left an indelible mark on the global stage. Icons like Steve Morse, Tommy Emmanuel, Bill Frisell, Carlos Johnson, Hernan Romero, Dominic Miller who performs with Sting, Gregory Hilden, and many others have embraced guitars by Lava-Drops, acknowledging their exceptional quality and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Today, Lava-Drops guitars captivate audiences primarily in the USA, Scandinavia, and Asia. Often sought after as collectible design pieces or works of art, they also serve as enduring investments – meticulously crafted instruments that, with proper care, can be cherished and passed down through generations.

At the Golden Pin Awards, the Best Design accolade saw stiff competition. Notable entries included Ystudio from Taiwan, showcasing food boxes ingeniously crafted from recycled coffee capsules, Taiwan’s PEGA Design pioneering AI-powered headphones, and China’s Morus Technology presenting a distinctive clothes dryer reminiscent of a space shuttle.