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Kaunas 2022: the biggest co-creative festival invites to an unforgettable sound journey

Kaunas 2022: the biggest co-creative festival invites to an unforgettable sound journey

Co-creators from Luxembourg, Lithuania, Iran, and the USA, in cooperation with the European Capitals of Culture Esch 2022 and Kaunas 2022 have been working for three long years to be able to invite guests to an unforgettable sound journey. From August 7 to 13 the performance called The Assembly will be shown in frame of the Festival ConTempo at the BLC Business Leaders Center in Kaunas. The project is part of the Kaunas – the European Capital of Culture 2022 program.

The Assembly is a unique interdisciplinary and immersive mixed reality sound journey that combines modern technologies (virtual reality, interactive objects, and 3D sound system) with performing arts (dancing, singing, 3D live music), uniting the physical and virtual worlds around the versatile figure of the Memory of the Voice. The artistic intention of the project is distinguished by the main storyline, combining different sound practices experienced in virtual reality, an interactive installation and a performance-concert.

The Assembly was born in Luxembourg through the artistic collaboration between performer Catherine Elsen and VR director Charlotte Bruneau. The creators have assembled an interdisciplinary international creative team, including UK-based Iranian electronic musician Pouya Ehsaei, artist-architect Laura Mannelli as well as sound engineers and tech developers from Mad Trix and Lithuanian VR studio Gluk Media. Gluk Media developed a challenging multi-player and interactive virtual reality experience in close collaboration with the creators, combining technical implementation with testing and solving of VR production technological challenges. This project was produced by Bidibul Productions and the Pitchblack Collective and was funded by many partners, including this year’s European Capital of Culture Esch 2022 and Film Fund Luxembourg. The project has been presented in Luxembourg and France, and is now in Lithuania, with the support of Kaunas – the European Capital of Culture 2022 and the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

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