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Džiugas Grinys Among Ten Most Promising European Actors

Džiugas Grinys Among Ten Most Promising European Actors

Lithuanian actor Džiugas Grinys has been selected for European Shooting Stars, an international program for rising stars of European cinema organized by European Film Promotion. This year, only ten of the most promising actors from all over Europe have been selected for the program.

According to the European Shooting Stars jury, actor Džiugas Grinys, who plays the lead in ‘Pietinia Kronikas’ (directed by Ignas Miškinis, produced by Lukas Trimonis), has delivered a truly resonant debut leading role. Making innovative choices in his heartfelt performance, Džiugas Grinys demonstrates a promising future in the world of cinema.

This year’s European Shooting Stars program will take place from 16-19 February during the 74th Berlin Film Festival in Berlin, where Grinys and the other nine selected actors will be presented to the international media, the film industry, and the festival audience. The program will run for four days and will culminate in the presentation of the European Shooting Stars and the Berlin Film Festival Awards. The ceremony will take place on 19 February.

From the theatre stage to the cinema floor

Džiugas Grinys holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Lithuanian Academy of Art and Theatre, where he studied under the guidance of theatre director Oskaras Koršunovas. During his theatre career, now in its fifth year, Grinys has collaborated with renowned theatre directors such as Jokubas Bražis, Antanas Obcarskas, Adoma Juška, and others. Grinys has portrayed approximately 20 roles in leading Lithuanian theatres  and has received critical acclaim.

Debut in leading role

The actor’s most recent role is as the main character, Rimants, in the film ‘Pietinia Kronikas’ directed by Ignas Miškinis. ‘Pietinia Kronikas’ embarks on its film festival tour and is set to premiere in Lithuanian cinemas in January 2025.

The Lithuanian Film Centre nominates the film for the European Shooting Stars program. The Lithuanian selection is organized by the Lithuanian Film Centre, the Association of Independent Producers, and the Lithuanian Actors’ Guild.

Founded in 1977, the European Film Promotion network brings together organizations representing 37 European countries, collaborating to promote European cinema and talent in Europe and beyond. “EFP organizes screenings of European films at international film festivals and fairs, provides support for their promotion, introduces talented European filmmakers and producers to foreign markets, and organizes networking events.

Established in 1998, the European Shooting Stars program is one of the network’s most popular activities. The jury comprises five producers, scriptwriters, casting directors, and film journalists from various European countries, including the Lithuanian producer Živilė Gallego.