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Lithuania Joins the MICHELIN Guide Club: Starred Restaurants Announced

Lithuania Joins the MICHELIN Guide Club: Starred Restaurants Announced

On the evening of 13th June in Vilnius, representatives of the MICHELIN Guide officially announced that Lithuania has joined the prestigious culinary ranks, with four of its restaurants being awarded one MICHELIN star each. The comprehensive list of Lithuanian eateries, meticulously compiled by anonymous MICHELIN Guide experts, includes 26 places recommended for their exceptional food and drink offerings.

The Starred Restaurants

Lithuania’s culinary scene has been honoured with MICHELIN stars awarded to the following restaurants, all located in Vilnius:

– Džiaugsmas

– Demoloftas

– Pas Mus

– Nineteen18

 Bib Gourmand Recognition

Four restaurants have been distinguished as Bib Gourmand establishments for their excellent value for money:

– Gaspar’s

– 14Horses

–  Le Travi

–  Nüman

Commitment to Sustainability

The Red Brick in Radiška received a MICHELIN Green Star for its dedication to sustainable gastronomy.

Additional MICHELIN Guide Recommendations

The MICHELIN Guide has also included 26 more restaurants across Lithuania that have impressed the experts:

– Amandus

– Augustin

– Da Antonio

– Dine

– Eleven

– Ertlio Namas

– Fabrikėlis

– Farmer & The Ocean

– Gastronomika

– HeJi

– Justa Pasta

– Momo Grill

– Pacai

– Protėviai

– Somm

– Stebuklai

– Stikliai

– Telegrafas


– Uoksas

– Monte Pacis

– Arrivee in Kaunas

– Monai in Klaipėda

– Apvalaus Stalo Klubas in Trakai

– Vila Komoda in Palanga

– Red Brick in Radiškis.

Special MICHELIN Awards

Three special MICHELIN awards were presented to outstanding kitchen professionals:

– The MICHELIN Young Chef Award was given to Tadas Eidukevičius from Demoloftas.

– The MICHELIN Sommelier Award was awarded to Kamilė Bartusevičiūtė of Pacai.

– The Service Award was presented to Gaspar Fernandes and his team at Gaspar’s.

 Celebratory Remarks

“We are delighted to present the first MICHELIN Guide to Lithuania. This completes the Baltic trilogy, and the MICHELIN Guide now fully covers the region. Each of the 34 featured restaurants has earned its place, showcasing a range of styles from classic to modern, and local to international cuisine,” stated Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guide.

Minister of Economy and Innovation, Aušrinė Armonaitė, expressed pride in Lithuania’s recognition: “This acknowledgment proves our chefs are world-class and invites travellers to experience Lithuania’s authenticity through its culinary excellence.”

Olga Gončarova, Head of “Travel Lithuania,” highlighted the positive impact on tourism: “The MICHELIN Guide’s inclusion of Lithuania on the global gastronomic map will attract tourists and showcase our rich culinary traditions.”