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Lithuanian railways to test Starlink satellite internet 

Lithuanian railways to test Starlink satellite internet 

Lithuanian railways is implementing a project to improve internet connectivity on trains. The Starlink satellite internet connection will soon be tested on one of the trains of passenger transport company LTG Link. The three-month pilot project aims to test the potential of the next generation internet. 

When travelling by train, most customers want to be able to work uninterrupted: listen to music or podcasts, and watch films. While Lithuania has excellent internet connectivity throughout the country, there are still parts of the country where such opportunities are lacking. 

‘I’m glad to see that Lithuanian railways is taking an innovative approach to address a longstanding customer concern that traditional telecommunication companies have struggled to overcome. I am hopeful that the implementation of satellite internet connection will be successful, enabling all passengers to enjoy uninterrupted connectivity throughout their journey,’ said Minister for Transport and Communications Marius Skuodis. 

The first contacts with Space X, a leading space company, were made by the Ministry of Transport and Communications in early 2021. Shortly afterwards, Space X set up its own subsidiary in the country, Starlink Lithuania. 

The testing of Starlink equipment aims to evaluate the feasibility of maintaining a stable and high-speed internet connection across the entire train route. During the test, satellite internet will be automatically activated in areas where the conventional internet connection is weakened, ensuring optimal utilization of both satellite and mobile technologies. This approach will enable efficient and reliable internet connectivity throughout the test period. 

A three-month trial of Starlink equipment on an LTG Link train is scheduled to commence in the second quarter of this year. 

LTG is actively collaborating with the country’s mobile operators to enhance wireless internet services for train passengers. In addition to testing an on-board amplifier, the company recognizes the need for continuous innovations to further improve the quality of the internet connection.