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Lithuanian expertise for Ukraine’s reconstruction

Lithuanian expertise for Ukraine’s reconstruction

Lithuania will provide expert assistance to the newly established State Agency for Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine, tasked with rebuilding the war-torn country.

‘With a track record in administering international aid and implementing vital projects, Lithuanian institutions are well-equipped to address Ukraine’s immediate needs. We will seek very practical input from Lithuanian experts on the most challenging tasks at hand,’ said Giedrė Balčytytė, the Chancellor of the Government.

Both parties agreed that the key skills required for the successful operation of the new agency include an effective management and control system, a conducive legal framework, extensive experience in public procurement, and a commitment to transparency. In this regard, Lithuanian are well-positioned to offer their expertise, meeting these essential needs of the agency.

The cooperation with the Ukrainian Agency for Reconstruction is not the first endeavour carried out by Lithuania in Ukraine. Notably, a joint project funded by the EU and Lithuania, worth over EUR 36 million, is underway, focusing on effective public finance management in Ukraine.

As part of the European Peace Facility project, a substantial allocation of almost EUR 30 million has been made to provide essential support to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, including medical equipment, ambulances, demining equipment, and trucks.

The CPVA is also engaged in Lithuania-funded reconstruction of a school in Borodyanka and a kindergarten in Irpin, with more than EUR 6.1 million allocated for the school and EUR 3.7 million for the kindergarten. These efforts aim to accommodate 1,000 Ukrainian children in time for the upcoming school year.

Lithuania takes pride in being one of the first countries to launch infrastructure reconstruction initiatives in Ukraine. On April 19, the completion of the mobile settlement reconstruction project in Borodyanka marked a significant milestone, as Lithuania officially handed it over to Ukraine. Another ongoing project in Mykolayiv focuses on the modernisation of the local electricity system.

Ukraine has the full support and backing of both society and the state: Lithuania is actively rallying the international community, extending military and humanitarian aid, and accommodating 71,000 war refugees. Efforts are also directed towards reconstructing the energy sector, which has suffered significant damage due to Russia’s relentless bombing campaigns targeting civilian infrastructure. Lithuania calls on the world community not to wait for the war that has devastated the country to end but to start rebuilding now.