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Lithuania will help Turkey affected by severe earthquake

<strong>Lithuania will help Turkey affected by severe earthquake</strong>

Responding to the urgent needs of earthquake-hit Turkey, Lithuania will send a search and rescue team and humanitarian aid to the country. Turkey is continuing its rescue operations and damage repair works, requiring major international efforts.

“Turkey faces a major disaster that requires mobilisation and assistance from the international community. Standing in solidarity, today Government of Lithuania confirmed €0.5 million euro aid package to help Turkey recover from devastating earthquake. Team of rescuers and medics will join international relief effort. Equipment and necessary supplies will be delivered as soon as possible”, said Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė.

Lithuania will send a search and rescue team consisting of at least 25 Lithuanian firefighters, three State Border Guard Service dog handlers together with dogs as well as three healthcare workers to Turkey.

In the immediate future, 90 tents, 50 electric heaters, 1,000 bedding sets, 1,000 pillows and 7,700 blankets from the state reserve of material resources managed by the Fire and Rescue Department under the Ministry of the Interior will also be delivered to Turkey. 

Medical supplies worth EUR 132,000 will also be allocated from the state reserve managed by the Ministry of Health.

The Government has also approved to allocate EUR 200,000 to Turkey in response to an international assistance request. This amount is to be allocated in equal shares from the Government Reserve and the funds aimed at Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The total material value of the assistance amounts to EUR 528,000.

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