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Lithuania to donate 168,700 doses of Vaxzevria vaccine to Vietnam

Continuing to support third countries in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government has made a resolution to donate to Vietnam, by 12 November 2021, 168,700 doses of Vaxzevria vaccine manufactured by AstraZeneca.

‘Vietnam, whose population is 100 million, is working to speed up vaccination and open up the country to business and tourism. We support those efforts and are happy to contribute in this respect,’ said Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė.

The Cabinet has also made a resolution to allocate up to 623,700 doses of AstraZeneca-manufactured Vaxzevria vaccine for humanitarian aid through the COVAX Facility.

COVAX is a global cooperation system that allows the European Union Member States to donate COVID-19 vaccines, purchased through advance purchase agreements, to third countries. COVAX ensures that COVID-19 vaccines are supplied to low- and middle-income countries with a particularly high incidence of COVID-19 cases and deaths.

Lithuania has already donated 455,900 doses of AstraZeneca-manufactured Vaxzevria vaccine to Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, and Taiwan. Additional 60,000 doses of Vaxzevria vaccine will reach Tajikistan in the short run. Furthermore, 60,000 doses of Moderna-manufactured Spikevax vaccine have been donated to Armenia.

Lithuania will continue, bilaterally as well as through the COVAX Facility, to contribute to the Team Europe initiative of the EU’s global efforts to manage the pandemic.