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Lithuania co-creates the future of Ukraine

Lithuania co-creates the future of Ukraine

The Government has approved projects for rebuilding war-torn Ukraine. In the short run, the focus will be on reconstruction of Ukraine’s educational institutions and transport infrastructure as well as provision of temporary housing for war refugees; Lithuania is planning to establish a mobile residential camp, rebuild a bridge and a kindergarten in the Kyiv Oblast, in the cities of Borodianka and Irpin.

‘Hostilities are not over yet, towns and villages are being shelled and destroyed on a daily basis, but the people of Ukraine are not only defending themselves, they are already rebuilding their country on their own. Despite great uncertainty and the ongoing hostilities, Lithuania will make a practical contribution to specific infrastructure projects. This decision is part of the Government’s long-term plan to combine public and private efforts, not only for the initial reconstruction works but also for long-term participation in the mechanisms by the EU and other international organisations. Mobilisation and commitment of the Government and other state institutions to help war-torn Ukraine must ensure that all the planned works are successful’, said Chancellor of the Government Giedrė Balčytytė.        

In the immediate future, it is planned to launch a public procurement procedure for the construction of a mobile residential camp for 36 families in the town of Borodianka (Kyiv Oblast). Because of the war, hundreds of families were left homeless in this town. Lithuania also plans to rebuild a bridge over the Trubizh river in Kyiv Oblast, renovate a damaged school in Borodianka and rebuild a kindergarten in Irpin next year.

In order to carry out these works, the implementation process, deadlines, responsibilities, technical project documentation and financial justification still need to be agreed upon with Ukraine and detailed technical negotiations as well as preparation of Terms of Reference must begin. The Government approved the signing of agreements between the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation and the responsible state or local authorities of Ukraine for rebuilding projects of specific sites.

All these projects are expected to start in September this year. The preliminary cost of the reconstruction works is currently estimated at €11 million. As part of its contribution to Ukraine’s rebuilding, the Government already committed €10 million in July for emergency reconstruction works in the country ravaged by the Russian war.

Lithuania also intends to participate in the European Union mechanisms which are being set up to develop Ukraine’s rebuilding efforts of a broader nature.  

Chancellor of the Government, together with representatives of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Economy and Innovation, Finance, and Environment as well as other institutions, has been tasked with preparing solutions on the establishment of a sustainable organisational structure for rebuilding projects. The Chancellor has also been tasked with preparing, if necessary, amendments to legislation which would create conditions for effective organisation of Lithuania’s aid in reconstruction efforts in the war-affected areas of Ukraine.