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Free anti-cyber fraudster tool launched in Lithuania 

Free anti-cyber fraudster tool launched in Lithuania 

Lithuania’s National Cyber Security Center and specialists from Kaunas University of Technology have developed a free tool for people and organizations to protect themselves from cyber fraud attacks.

Known as a DNS firewall, the new tool will prevent access to known malicious websites while surfing the internet, the center said on Thursday.

“This means that even if a user clicks on a link sent by a scammer, they will not sustain any harm as the malicious address will be blocked and the user will be notified,” Deividas Stumbras, director of the NCSC’s Cyber Defense Department, said in a statement.

A DNS firewall is a public DNS service with an additional security feature. It differs from the regular Domain Name System in that it is equipped with additional protection against cyber threats, such as fake banking sites, fraudulent trading platforms, sites that distribute malicious codes, and other harmful sites confirmed by the NCSC.

The tool is free, the center said, adding that the system will only block known malicious websites, but will not monitor browsing content or collect user information in any way.