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Second Aid Package Reaches Ukraine to Rebuild Energy Infrastructure

Second Aid Package Reaches Ukraine to Rebuild Energy Infrastructure

A second aid package from Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator Litgrid has reached Ukraine, it will help rebuild the energy infrastructure of the country affected by the war. The package consists of an autotransformer delivered to Ukraine this week and other power grid equipment shipped earlier this year. The total market value of the equipment is about €3.6 million.

“As Russia is purposefully destroying Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, we aim to help rebuild and strengthen Ukraine’s electricity transmission network. The second very powerful and necessary autotransformer sent to Ukraine from Lithuania will supply electricity to hundreds of thousands of residents. Lithuania’s support to Ukraine’s electricity, gas and heating sectors already exceeds €11 million., and we will not stop supporting Ukraine in the future”, says Lithuanian Energy Minister Dainius Kreivys.

“After the arrival of the most important device for the electricity substation – the autotransformer – we can say that the entire second support package has reached the transmission system operator Ukrenergo. An autotransformer and other grid equipment will help rebuild the war-damaged infrastructure. While modernizing our country’s substations, we set aside various devices suitable for use in reserve. We will continue to support Ukrainians with them to make electricity supply as reliable and safe as possible”, says Litgrid CEO Rokas Masiulis.

The Litgrid aid package consists of the main and most expensive device of the transmission grid substation – 330/110/10 kV autotransformer – and other 330 kV, 110 kV voltage transmission network devices – disconnectors, switches, surge arresters, current and voltage measuring transformers, isolators, which reached Ukraine already in April of this year. The equipment will help ensure the supply of electricity, as Russia purposefully destroys Ukraine’s energy grid.

A 200 megavolt-ampere autotransformer is very valuable for the Ukrainian electrical energy system: both Lithuania and Ukraine use the same voltage levels, and producing new one of the same specifications would cost more than €2.5 million and would take about 2 years.

The autotransformer ready for transport weighs almost 200 tons, is three meters wide, five meters high and ten meters long.

In March the first 330/110/10 kV autotransformer from Lithuania reached Ukraine; other equipment from the EPSO-G group companies Litgrid and Amber Grid, intended for the restoration of electricity and gas transmission grids, arrived in November last year.

Currently, the total market value of the support already provided by Litgrid is about €6 million. The total Lithuanian support to the energy sector of Ukraine is estimated at approximately €11 million.

Support for Ukrainian energy infrastructure companies is collected and transported with the help of the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Ukraine, the Ministries of Energy and Transportation. Aid to Ukraine is transferred through the non-governmental organization “Blue / Yellow”.

The transport services of the aid sent by Litgrid to Ukraine are financed by the European Union. The complex logistical operation of transporting the autotransformer from Lithuania to Ukraine was organized by Maersk, Jūrtransa, Vidaus vandens kelių direkcija, Daily trade and forwarding, Šiauliai and Kaunas territorial customs.