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Future of Ukraine

Lithuanian Companies Contributing to Ukraine ‘s Reconstruction

Lithuanian Companies Contributing to Ukraine ‘s Reconstruction

The Ministry of Economy and Innovation, in conjunction with the Innovation Agency, has initiated an effort to inform Lithuanian companies about opportunities to contribute to the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Database for reconstruction projects

A database has been established to help Lithuanian entrepreneurs expressing interest in implementing reconstruction projects in Ukraine. This directory of companies is available on the B2Lithuania website, providing a comprehensive overview for interested parties.

Sectors of focus

Lithuanian businesses are encouraged to explore participation in Ukraine’s reconstruction projects across various sectors, including construction, logistics, information technology, manufacturing, food production, and service industries. Anticipated contributors encompass the startup community, EdTech, GovTech, and other digital service providers.

Program Participation and access

Companies interested in participating in the program can submit their details via the form on the B2Lithuania website.

The B2Lithuania website offers a dedicated directory for Lithuanian exporting companies interested in Ukraine’s reconstruction. This resource provides targeted information on Ukrainian reconstruction projects, funding sources, and ensures public visibility on the front page of B2Lithuania.

Sector-specific guidance

During the implementation of Ukraine’s reconstruction projects, sector-specific advice is planned to be offered. These measures aim to contribute to the formulation of an assistance plan that aligns with the specific needs of the Ukrainian economy.

B2Lithuania overview

B2Lithuania serves as the largest export database in Lithuania, featuring a directory of over 2,700 companies. This free platform provides comprehensive information on Lithuanian manufacturers and service providers across diverse business sectors, enabling networking, direct contact with potential partners, video meetings, and public inquiries.

Lithuania’s contribution in Ukraine

Lithuania’s total support, including military, humanitarian, and financial aid of €1 billion, equivalent to 1.42% of GDP by 2022, underscores our commitment. Increased involvement from Lithuanian businesses will significantly aid Ukraine’s recovery.

Lithuania has successfully completed infrastructure reconstruction projects in Ukraine, ranging from the delivery of a mobile settlement in Borodyanka to the renovation of educational institutions. Ongoing projects include the rebuilding of a school in Borodyanka damaged by explosions and contributing to the renovation of a school in Snihurivka.

Future initiatives

The Government of the Republic of Lithuania approved the 3D Digital Urban Planning Tool project in October 2023, costing €426 thousand. This initiative aims to develop 3D virtual urban planning tools for the Ukrainian municipality of Buche, demonstrating Lithuania’s commitment to ongoing support.

Multirateral engagements

Lithuania also participates in the World Bank’s Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) Ukraine Reconstruction Initiative. The Central Project Management Agency contributes to the implementation of projects in Ukraine, and the national promotional institution Investicijų ir verslo garantijos  (INVEGA) provides loans to businesses under the Startuok instrument.