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Future of Ukraine

Lithuania to allocate fines for sanction evasion to rebuild Ukraine

Lithuania to allocate fines for sanction evasion to rebuild Ukraine

In a move towards solidarity and support, Lithuania has forged a path of unwavering commitment to aid Ukraine’s reconstruction efforts. Recently, an essential amendment to the Law on Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid was unanimously approved by the Seimas, signifying an impactful step forward in this crucial endeavour.

Under this pioneering amendment, fines resulting from non-compliance with international or national sanctions will be directed towards the Development Cooperation Fund, exclusively earmarked for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of Ukraine. The unanimous support of 99 Seimas members underscores a resounding dedication to aid Ukraine during these challenging times, as well as a clear message of solidarity against Russian aggression.

For the next decade, until January 2034, this amendment will remain steadfast, ensuring a consistent and substantial contribution towards Ukraine’s recovery efforts. It’s a testament to Lithuania’s determination to stand united and take proactive steps in supporting Ukraine’s reconstruction, independent of decisions made by larger international bodies like the European Union.

Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Jovita Neliupšienė highlighed Lithuania’s commitment to bolster Ukraine’s recovery efforts. “Our aim is resolute—to demonstrate unwavering support for Ukraine’s reconstruction in the face of Russian aggression,” she affirmed.

Moreover, Lithuania’s commitment to this cause transcends waiting for international consensus, as measures will be taken autonomously to contribute to Ukraine’s reconstruction. The proactive stance underlines Lithuania’s dedication to be a stalwart ally in Ukraine’s path to recovery and development.

The significance of this amendment is evident not only in its support for Ukraine but also in the deterrent effect it holds. The Code of Administrative Offences outlines penalties ranging from €200 to €6,000 for violations of international or Lithuanian-imposed sanctions – a clear indication of the seriousness with which non-compliance will be handled.

This initiative, instigated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, stands as a beacon of hope. With estimations of the damage caused by Russia in Ukraine reaching a staggering €700 billion, the fines and assets directed towards the Development Cooperation Fund will serve as a vital lifeline for Ukraine’s reconstruction efforts.

Through this commitment, Lithuania stands firm in its resolve to empower Ukraine’s future and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

(*Based on information from BNS and ELTA)