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Lithuania to fund studies of 350 Ukrainians

Lithuania to fund studies of 350 Ukrainians

The Ministry of Education, Science and Sport has announced that 350 Ukrainian students will receive partial state funding for their bachelor’s and master’s studies in Lithuania, as part of the continuation of aid to Ukrainian war refugees.

The state will pay 60 percent of the normative tuition fees for Ukrainians and the rest will be covered by the higher education institutions themselves.

The students will also receive a monthly grant of 300 euros to cover their basic subsistence needs and the purchase of supplies for their studies.

Ukrainians wishing to study in Lithuanian universities must meet the entry requirements.

Those who have completed secondary education in Lithuania, will need a secondary school graduation certificate and two state secondary school graduation exams passed or a secondary school graduation certificate and a passed admission test organized by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science.

The Ukrainians who have completed their secondary education in their home country will need a secondary school graduation certificate and a Ukrainian admission test passed.

The Ukrainian graduates who have obtained secondary school graduation certificates in Lithuania will be given priority for admission to higher education institutions.

The Ukrainians seeking state support to study in Lithuania can apply directly to one or more higher education institutions for admission and take part in the competitions announced by them.

Last academic year, almost 800 Ukrainians were admitted to bachelor’s programs and around 220 to master’s programs in Lithuania. Thirteen Ukrainians were admitted to PhD programs and four to residency program.

For the academic year 2023-2024, a total of almost 643,000 thousand euros in funding is being allocated for the studies of Ukrainian first-year students in Lithuania.