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Bank of Lithuania donates EUR 100,000 to Ukraine

Bank of Lithuania donates EUR 100,000 to Ukraine

Lithuanian and foreign citizens have already donated more than EUR 100,000 by purchasing the commemorative coin “Together with Ukraine”. The Bank of Lithuania has transferred this amount to the humanitarian aid account of the National Bank of Ukraine. This marks the third time that the Bank of Lithuania has provided funds to assist Ukraine. 

Since the coin’s release on 16 March 2023, a total of 10,565 coins out of a maximum mintage of 50,000 have been purchased by Lithuanian and foreign citizens and companies to support Ukraine.

“In light of the NATO Summit, Lithuania has demonstrated its unity with Ukraine. The Bank of Lithuania also stands in solidarity with Ukraine. This is not the first coin we have issued to aid the people of Ukraine, who are enduring the horrors of war. We extend our gratitude to everyone who has bought commemorative coins. To date, we have raised and transferred nearly half a million euros to Ukraine! I encourage you all to continue contributing, as we aim to raise and transfer several hundred thousand more euros by the end of the year. Let’s all support Ukraine’s fight for freedom,” says Gediminas Šimkus, Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania.

The sale of the “Together with Ukraine” coin is ongoing, and once the remaining coins are sold, the funds will be transferred to the same account to collect humanitarian aid for Ukraine. 

The majority of coin purchases are made by Lithuanian residents, but we have also received attention from foreign countries such as Germany, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Slovakia.

The total price of the coin is EUR 14.52.

The obverse of the commemorative coin “Together with Ukraine” features a stylised sunflower, with the petals resembling silhouettes of people holding hands, hugging, and protecting each other, symbolising unity, support, and the strength of togetherness. The sunflower is artistically depicted as a rising sun—a symbol of hope for a new beginning—along with birds representing freedom, hope, and courage. The depiction conveys people rising above circumstances, never surrendering to imposed will, and alludes to those who have sacrificed their lives, with their souls flying away. 

The artists behind the coin are Eglė Žemaitė on the national side and Luc Luycx on the general side.

Based on the Bank of Lithuania press release.