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Work culture in Lithuania. What can you expect?

Work culture in Lithuania. What can you expect?

Everything you need to know about the Lithuanian way of working: respect for work-life balance, friendly teams and lots of flexibility.

Choosing your next career destination? The local work culture is an important aspect to consider. After all, you’ll be spending the majority of your weekdays at your job, so it’s essential to give some thought to what kind of environment you will thrive in. 

If you’re looking for a horizontal work culture that values your skills and prioritises work-life balance, Lithuania might just be the spot to find it. Here’s what Lithuanian work culture looks like.

Healthy work-life balance

Both employers and employees in Lithuania prefer slow living to grind culture. Here, at least 20 paid vacation days, a fixed number of working hours, and generous parental leave are all guaranteed and protected by law. Add short commutes to work and 15 annual public holidays (the highest number in the EU!), and you get a truly balanced schedule. In Lithuania, you can expect to combine work, family commitments and personal life without compromising a successful career.

Global teams

Career opportunities in Lithuania are nothing short of international. The country’s business landscape is full of global companies, so the job you land is likely going to involve working with colleagues from around the world. Moreover, the number of both expats relocating to Lithuania and companies looking for talent abroad has been steadily rising. So you can expect to find job opportunities in multiple companies with international teams that conduct business in English.

Flat organisational structures

In general, Lithuanians value knowledge and drive above age or status. While workplace hierarchy still persists in some sectors, the vast majority of tech companies have flat organisational structures with a high degree of ownership and transparency. Professionals in Lithuania tend to get significant responsibility at a young age and a great deal of opportunity for upward mobility. So it’s not unusual for a young specialist to lead a team or an entire company.

Cordial colleagues 

Lithuanians might seem reserved or even frosty at first. But behind the rough facade, they are friendly and welcoming people that are surprisingly social. This translates to a relaxed but respectful atmosphere in most Lithuanian offices. Chats at the coffee machine are frequent, as is going for lunch or drinks after work with your colleagues. Plus, most companies take team building seriously, so you can anticipate opportunities to bond with your coworkers both in and out of the office. 

Flexible working hours

More and more companies in Lithuania offer flexible working hours, giving employees the freedom to start their day earlier or later. Remote working is also widespread, and there are plenty of laptop-friendly spaces (here are our picks) to go to when your home office gets tiresome. Regardless when you work or where, the most important thing remains the same – being productive and delivering! Moreover, some Lithuanian companies are trying out a four-day work week, which is expected to bring about a wider change in Lithuania’s work culture.

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