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Recovery projects
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Delivering recovery that is long lasting and substantive requires focus and planning. That is why we have identified our key areas in which we intend to provide support and keep working on the project pipeline. The energy sector as well as critical and socially vulnerable infrastructure are some of them and Lithuania is already hard at work. We have launched four pilot projects since August 2022 and have significantly strengthened our capacity to manage reconstruction projects on the ground. Together, with our partners, we hope to be instrumental in delivering a recovery that addresses all the needs of the society at the pace and standard required. 

School in Borodyanka

The devastating invasion that has leveled much of Borodyanka has significantly impacted the education of the town’s children. For some of the 4th graders celebrating the last day of school  in the schoolyard this May, the last four years have passed mostly out of school, first due to Covid, and then the war. Rebuilding such socially significant infrastructure and giving hundreds of kids and teenagers a place to call their second home will help bring Borodyanka back to life.

Project aim: to rebuild and equipt one of the three schools in Borodyanka. The school accommodates around 700 children who study in grades 1-12.

Project implementer: Central Project Management Agency

Project value: 7.9  million EUR (of which 1.8 million EUR contribution of Taiwan)

Project duration: planned to be opend by the end of 2023

School of the future in Ukraine: preparation of a typical technical project 

Project aim: to prepare a high-quality standard technical design school project that meets the interests and needs of Ukrainian society via international architectural competition.

Project implementer: Central Project Management Agency

Partner: State Agency for Restoration and Developement of Infrastructure of Ukraine & Architects Association of Lithuania

Project value: ~500 thousand EUR  

Project duration: November 2024

Strengthening administrative capacities of the Ukraine’s Agency for Restoration 

Project aim: to strengthen the Agency’s public procurement, internal control and anti-corruption procedures in line with the EU pillar assessment methodology.

Project implementer: Central Project Management Agency

Partner: State Agency for Restoration and Developement of Infrastructure of Ukraine  

Project value: ~300 thousand EUR 

Project duration:  July 2024  

Mobile settlement in Borodyanka

The town of Borodyanka bore the brunt of much of the destruction wrought in the earliest stages of the invasion. With a need to not only provide shelter amidst the devastation but also to give a glimmer of hope, a housing project was commenced. 

Mobile housing has been provided for 36 families, with the first 50 people having already settled in. Meanwhile, a Ukrainian muralist was invited to decorate the new houses with a peaceful futuristic landscape scene  – a positive symbol for the community. 

Project aim: to provide citizens of the heavily damaged town of Borodyanka with temporary shelter.

Project implementer: The Ministry of the Economy and Innovation of Lithuania

Project value: 1,000,000 EUR 

Project duration: completed in April 2023

Kindergarten in Irpin

There is no place like home, and displaced Ukrainians are already coming back. Irpin is a fine example of that. Here, 70% of its 100,000 citizens have returned, ready to rebuild not just the city, but also their lives. And for this to be possible critical infrastructure has to be put in place – not only roads and communications but also daycare facilities. Finding a committed contractor on the ground was key to the project’s success, and the contractor working on this site has proven their dedication time and again.

Project aim: to rebuild and equip the damaged kindergarten. The kindergarten accommodates around 400 children and 60 employees.

Project implementer: Central Project Management Agency

Project value: 4.9 million EUR (of which 1.2 million EUR contribution of Taiwan).

Project duration: completed in August 2023

Design of electricity distribution network in Mykolaiv

We understand that maintaining a functioning and modern power grid is key to Ukraine’s resilience against aggression. Lithuania is completing the preparation of technical projects for the modernisation of the electricity distribution network in Mykolayiv. The modernisation will not only bring the network’s specifications as close to EU standards as possible but also use technical solutions to protect the energy facilities from missile and drone attacks.

Project aim: to prepare for the full modernisation and automation the city’s electricity system, including dispatching. 

Project implementer: International Energy Cluster 

Project value: 226 thousand EUR

Project duration: completed in August 2023.


Source of funding: Lithuania‘s Fund for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid

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