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Strong European Ukraine will become a magnet for international investments. Let’s work together to co-create a brighter future for Ukraine! We have gained comprehensive expertise in Ukraine’s context and needs, developed an extensive network of local partners, and built a project portfolio exceeding 100 million EUR. 

We can help bridge the geographic or cultural gaps that might be obstacles for countries looking to support Ukraine’s recovery. As a neighbour with both historical and cultural ties, as well as strong mutual relationships with public sector institutions, we are perfectly placed to provide hands-on support for partners looking to make a difference. Not only that, we have a strong track record of delivering a range of projects in Ukraine. We understand the operational and cultural environment, which is especially crucial in short-term efforts where speed and direct contacts are needed. We have been continuously building our experience and crafting our institutional set-up to manage and deliver better and bigger projects in Ukraine.

Lithuanian Embassy in Ukraine

Recovery and reconstruction projects in Ukraine can benefit from the solid political and logistical support provided by the Lithuanian Embassy in Ukraine, as well as the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Government of Lithuania.

Central Project Management Agency (CPMA)

CPMA is responsible for administering and managing our projects in Ukraine. It has been working there since 2014, accumulating a portfolio of projects worth almost 100 mln EUR

The CPMA project portfolio includes Humanitarian Demining Action and European Peace Facility; Reconstruction projects in Avdiivka, Donbas region, as well as Borodyanka and Irpin, Kyiv region.

The CPMA is a European Commission pillar-assessed public institution, which means that it can manage projects in Ukraine through “indirect management” (i. e., manage EU-funded projects without direct involvement of the European Commission).

The agency has a programme office in Kyiv staffed with Russian- and English-speaking procurement specialists. With its direct contacts with contractors and key institutions, as well as numerous connections to municipalities.

Fund for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid

A further mechanism to provide security for procurement is The Lithuanian Fund for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid. It can accept earmarked donations from international partners and be used for joint management and implementation of the reconstruction projects in Ukraine. 

Join us and our community of partners on the ground to co-create the future of Ukraine!

Contact us: Artūras Žarnovskis, Co-create Future of Ukraine Programme Coordinator [email protected] 

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