Accelerated careers in Lithuania
Relaxed living
Nature everywhere

Lithuania offers affordable living, shorter commutes and fewer barriers to high quality of life. For those seeking to escape the turmoil and tension of large metropolises, Lithuania offers an attractive combination of both faster careers and slower living. Opportunities abound here to join dynamic young companies and advance quickly, or create your own business, while at the same time maintaining a healthy life balance (thanks in part to the natural environment that’s always nearby). It’s a mix that lets you co-create the life you want, without compromise.

Where compactness is an advantage and everything is within easy reach

Short distances, wide-ranging services, entertainment and culture, and easy mobility lend Lithuania the feel of a country that is not in a hurry but never stops. A single day in Lithuania can bring a whole range of experiences. You can arrive at Vilnius Airport in the morning, take a stroll in Vilnius Old Town with a steaming cup of coffee in your hand, and arrive at the seaside in time for afternoon tea.

The short distances within and between cities and modern modes of transport allow everyone in Lithuania to get where they’re going conveniently. The average commute to work is just 30 minutes, and the seaside is only three hours away from the capital.

Where it’s easy to stay active

Lithuanians have truly embraced the outdoors as the place to be over. An increased interest in exploration and adventure brought about a network of well-marked hiking trails and cycling paths, which can be enjoyed by all. And when people are not jogging in the park, they’re probably catching some adrenaline in one of many competition-grade cable parks.

Basketball, orienteering or disc golf – name a sport, and you’ll find the places and people to enjoy it with in Lithuania. There are many outside courts and pitches open to the public across the country. Even if it’s simple walking that you enjoy most, you’ll find a 100-kilometre trail around Vilnius and more ideas in the Walk15 app (which is developed by Lithuanians).

Where work leaves time for life, so people can focus on what really matters

In Lithuania, access to free education, healthcare, and active leisure is available to all. And there’s no need to sacrifice the time that can be spent with your loved ones. With one of Europe’s most generous parental leave policies (people take up to 2 years), making time for family is easy.

#11 for work-life balance among all OECD countries, it’s safe to say that a healthy amount of downtime is a natural part of the Lithuanian working culture. So much so in fact that even some public sector companies are embracing the four-day working week.

Where it’s super safe to live and visit

With a low crime rate, and streets that are safe for residents and tourists alike, people need not worry about their security in Lithuania. According to the Institute for Economics and Peace, Lithuania is one of only a few countries globally where the threat of terrorism is close to nil.

Where people feel happy

The latest World Happiness Ranking has a new entrant: Lithuania has made it into the top 20 of the happiest countries in the world. Since 2017, Lithuania has risen from 52nd to the 20th place.

We are proud to be among the happiest countries in the world, standing alongside nations with renowned reputations such as Finland, Iceland, Switzerland, or Luxembourg. So, what is it that makes us happy? Well, our overall happiness can be largely attributed to factors such as the growing GDP per capita, robust social support, communal generosity, and the freedom to pursue personal choices.

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