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Whether you’re downtown or out-of-town, in Lithuania, you’re always surrounded by greenery. Pristine nature is Lithuania’s most prized national possession and a dominant feature of the country’s life.

Nature is what surrounds you

Lithuania is a country synonymous with the colour green. Its towns and cities not only provide ample green spaces, but they also inhabit them. That’s why Vilnius is often referred to as ‘a city in a forest’, Of the 397 square kilometres occupied by the Lithuanian capital, only one-fifth is developed. The rest is given up to pure, unbridled nature. So, it’s no wonder that Vilnius has some of the cleanest air in Europe. And it’s not just the capital that’s lucky, every other Lithuanian city and town has its own fair share of green spaces to escape to.

In Lithuania, there are multiple ways of getting in sync with nature – from a wide network of campsites and forest trails to specialised tours of the country’s wildlife. Paying a visit to one of 5 national and 30 regional parks is always a good idea, and as the seasons change so do the experiences awaiting everyone who ventures to the country’s great outdoors.

Country as a SPA

With over a third of the country covered by forest, Lithuania can feel like an open-air forest bathing retreat. And if you want a true SPA experience, you have the resorts of Birštonas, Druskininkai, Palanga and Anykščiai to choose from. Therapeutic mud, mineral water, amber and other natural riches help reinvigorate the body and the mind.

With over 6,000 clean and swimmable lakes dotted across Lithuania, you’re never far from an opportunity to cool off. If you find yourself on a hot summer day in an empty Lithuanian town, you’ll now know where to find all the locals!

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