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The Lithuanian capital Vilnius has always been at the forefront when it comes to innovative solutions, resourcefulness, and creativity. Vilnius not only tries to be a wonderful city for its residents to live in but also seeks to cheer them up when they really need it. Remember when the whole world was trapped at home by a pandemic? We could not travel but Vilnius came up with the futuristic ‘PORTAL’ project, which connected two European cities, Vilnius and Lublin via a virtual bridge.

Sharing and caring for a brighter future

Vilnius is a strong believer in open data. The city council offers free access to financial, procurement, real estate, transport, and other data to all. And it’s not just for curious citizens! Tech developers are encouraged to help create smarter urban solutions using all the swathes of available. This collaborative approach helps the city rapidly grow in such areas as financial technology, IT, biotechnology, electronics and optical systems.

And the ripple effect is already visible. Trafi, a global mobility problem-solver that grew out of Vilnius’ open data, has built one of the world’s largest urban transport platforms, used by the residents of Berlin, Munich, Prague, Zurich, and other cities, and offering solutions which have been adopted by such companies as Google and Lyft.

A playground for innovators

In 2023, Vilnius took the most prizes in the medium-sized city category of the European Most Promising City Awards organised by fDi Intelligence, the investment experts’ unit of the Financial Times.

The capital has a vibrant startup community with more than 20 business hubs, accelerators, and pre-accelerators, in addition to regulatory sandboxes. Companies like Revolut and Transfergo have set up their offices in Vilnius, recognising the value of this environment.

A city for talented people

The city offers a strong talent base for tech companies and startups. With a talent pool that has the highest ICT literacy of any in the EU, along with almost 100% English proficiency among young professionals, Vilnius offers what modern businesses need. The city is one of the youngest European capitals, with more than 50% of residents under the age of 40. 9.1% of students graduate with IT diploma.

Maintaining proper work-life balance is key, and for that reason in Lithuania, a four-day workweek is becoming increasingly more common. And not just private companies are choosing that employment model, with Vilnius-based public sector companies also opting for a healthier work-life balance. And 98% of Vilnius residents are happy to live in the capital! We believe that life in a vibrant, green city can make global talents happy as well!

Co-creating Vilnius’ 700th anniversary

Vilnius celebrates its 700th anniversary in 2023 with all kinds of events and festivities characteristic of the youthful and creative capital city known for its bold ideas. Both residents and guests will have the chance to co-author a unique film about the city, revive a 17th-century opera with the help of artificial intelligence, participate in various performances, learn what Vilnius Poker is, and discover many other exciting activities and business opportunities. Two dates have been chosen as the most important dates for the anniversary celebrations: January 25, when Vilnius was first mentioned in historical written sources 700 years ago, and July 25, the day of St Christopher, the patron saint of Vilnius. Do not miss the chance to co-create  Vilnius‘ Birthday!

Helping Ukraine

Vilnius has warmly embraced Ukrainians fleeing the war. Many Ukrainian war refugees have found shelter in the Lithuanian capital, residents of Vilnius have welcomed them into their homes, and the city authorities have come up with numerous initiatives to make the transition and settlement in Vilnius smooth.

Vilnius is very vocal when it comes to upholding Ukraine in the war imposed by Russia. The name of the street where the Embassy of Russia is based was changed to Ukrainian Heroes Street, and a pond near the embassy of Russia was dyed red to symbolise spilled Ukrainian blood. Another example of pressure on Russia is the slogan of “Putin, the Hague is waiting for you” on the Vilnius city municipality building. The huge banner was fixed more than 12 months before the International Criminal Court issued arrest warrants for Putin over the war crimes.

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