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International organisations, including NATO and the EU, consider Lithuania a reliable member and a partner that actively helps other countries in the region along the path of integration.

Always supporting freedom and democracy

Ever since becoming the first country to separate from the Soviet Union’s oppressive regime, Lithuania has been championing democracy and human rights in the region.

Our fight has always been peaceful. In 1989, more than a million people joined hands, stretching from Vilnius to Tallinn in Estonia, showing the world that the Baltic nations will not stop until they get their independence back. In 2020, paying homage to the original feat and expressing their support for the democratic aspirations of our neighbours in Belarus, Lithuanians formed a human chain that stretched 32 km from Vilnius the Belarusian border.

Tackling global challenges

Working alongside its Baltic neighbours Latvia and Estonia, Lithuania was one of the first countries to pilot a “travel bubble”, wherein citizens of each country could travel freely between them. This innovative solution helped to stimulate travel and boost tourism revenue during the first wave of the COVID19 pandemic.

Cyber security leaders

Lithuania currently ranks 4th in the world on the National Cyber Security Index, behind only the UK, the USA and France. Considering the fact that as recently as 2017, the country held 57th place, this rise has been meteoric. What is it that has made such rapid development possible? Firstly, there’s the desire on the part of the government and institutions to strengthen cyber capabilities, and promote innovation and crime prevention. In fact, Lithuania leads an international cyber rapid response team that assists key European Union institutions on security issues. Meanwhile, on the ground closer ties have been forged between the public and private spheres, with new courses emerging that train young professionals to deliver first-class cybersecurity services.

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