Positioning of Lithuania abroad

We are an open country to take on global challenges, co-create and grow together (Lithuania is open for co-creation). Lithuania is an open country, willing to tackle global challenges, co-create and grow together along the way. Together with our partners, we are eager to take on new challenges in financial technology, cyber security, life sciences and other sectors that will shape the future and the way we live. Innovative approaches, smart governance and open culture create ideal conditions for Lithuania to be a catalyst for change. We can offer cutting-edge solutions to problems that are local, global or anything in between. When it comes to international relations, we see it as our mission to defend freedom and democracy in our part of the world and beyond. We are proud of the part we play in the Eastern Partnership initiative and NATO’s deterrence strategy. In fact, some may say that openness, cooperation, and drive towards positive change are firmly rooted in our DNA. Already in medieval times, Lithuania figured it could achieve more by partnering/collaborating with others. In his famous letters to the people of Europe, written back in 1323, Gediminas, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, declared: ‘we open our land, our dominions, and our kingdom to every person of goodwill.’

Co-create Solutions

Main value. An open platform for innovation.

Main message. Much like a startup, Lithuania knows how to approach global challenges. With its exceptional business environment, world-class talent and growth ecosystems, Lithuania is the ideal innovation sandbox for tackling global problems and bringing disruptive solutions to life. It’s a place where solutions of global significance are born, changing lives not just here but all over the world.


1 Innovation friendly

A leading regulatory and business environment and an approachable and open-minded government create good conditions for innovation and growth.

  • Easy to do business.
  • Regulatory environment.

2 World-class talent

The country offers a highly qualified, multilingual and motivated talent pool with both the skills and the mindset to take on global challenges. Lithuanians are known to be excellent problem solvers and team players.

  • Highly qualified, multilingual and motivated talent pool.
  • Stellar talents in science.

3 Growth ecosystems

Companies and talents coming to Lithuania will find booming fintech, life sciences, laser physics and ICT ecosystems, as well as one of the fastest-growing and supportive start-up scenes in Europe.

  • Financial technologies ecosystem.
  • Life sciences ecosystem.
  • Lasers ecosystem.
  • ICT ecosystem.
  • Startups ecosystem.

Co-create Life

Main value. An open platform for personal growth.

Main message. Lithuania is a great place to be and to grow with its faster career possibilities and slower pace of life.


1 accelerated careers

In a professional landscape like ours, dominated by young companies hungry for talent with flat organisational structures, you get more responsibility at a younger age and more opportunities for upward mobility. The entrepreneurially minded, too, find Lithuania is a land of opportunity – one of the easiest places to launch a new venture.

  • International career opportunities.
  • International impact.

2 Relaxed living

Lithuania offers affordable living, shorter commutes and fewer barriers to high quality of life. The country is rated #6 for work-life balance in the OECD, and the people of the capital Vilnius consistently rank among the happiest in Europe.

  • Everything within easy reach.
  • Active recreation.
  • Work leaves time for life.
  • Safe to live and visit.

3 Nature everywhere

Whether you’re downtown or out-of-town, here you’re always surrounded by greenery. Pristine nature is Lithuania’s most prized national possession and a dominant feature of the country’s life.

  • Nature – even in the city.
  • Country as a Spa.

Co-create Culture

Main Value. An open space for discovery and co-creation.

Main message. Lithuania offers unique unconventional, contemporary and historical – cultural perspectives, creative partnerships and liberating spaces where new ideas come to life. We turn spectators into co-creators.


1 New perspectives

Lithuanian culture is dynamic, ever evolving, and full of experimental and collaborative projects in theatre, film, dance, music, design, illustration, and more. New globally relevant artistic ideas are born here every day.                                          

  • New ideas.
  • Recognition for unique creations.
  • Champions of quality.
  • Women at the forefront of classical music.

2 Creative partnerships

Lithuania is a place where new ideas become reality in world-class co-productions and art projects. The potential of the country’s creative industries is attracting global names like HBO and Netflix.

  • Work with global filmmakers.
  • Internationally praised filming locations.

3 Liberating spaces

Lithuania is a great choice for space to bring new ideas to life. Lithuania invites international creators to join its existing community and create together.  

  • An open and international creative environment.

Co-create Governance

Main Value. An open platform for public sector transformation.

Main message. Lithuania is open to partnerships and innovative solutions that empower change on a national level.


1 Openness to innovation

Lithuania’s public sector strives to increase the effectiveness of its services by engaging with talent, business, science and society.

  • Digital solutions.
  • Public invitation to experiment.
  • Empowering talent.
  • Government support for innovation.
  • Attention to the environment.

2 Smart city solutions

Vilnius is always at the forefront when it comes to innovative solutions, resourcefulness and creativity. Unexpected solutions during the pandemic that turned Vilnius into a huge open-air café inspired other Lithuanian and foreign cities to look for ways to stay in close touch with the population even in complex situations. A remarkable focus on incoming talent and open data initiatives underpin the capital’s leadership in smart solutions.

  • Open data.
  • A playground for innovators.
  • A city for talented people.
  • Non-traditional solutions.

3 International cooperation

Lithuania is open to international partnerships and global challenges, and consistent in its value choices.

  • Always supporting freedom and democracy.
  • Cyber security leaders.

Our values

Drive. In Lithuania, we don’t just talk about the future, we make it happen today.

Why it’s important to us: We love a good challenge, but only if there’s a concrete result involved. We don’t accept the status quo. Rather, we make hypotheses, test them in real-life conditions and create new paradigms that meet our exceptionally high standards. We’re convinced that in this fast-paced world, it is only the most daring and proactive that get ahead.

How the world experiences it: We’re already known for our breakthroughs in  photonics and gene engineering. On the business side, we’re also leading the way in such fields as financial technology and cyber security. Innovative minds from all over the globe are now gathering here to not only solve the problems of today, but also build the paths to tomorrow.

Business-friendly, we craft our laws so companies investing in Lithuania can get up and running quickly – in its Ease of Doing Business report, the World Bank rates Lithuania as one of the world’s most favourable business environments. We’re a regional leader in high value-added industries. In fintech. In govtech. In green energy. And more.

In the area of culture and sports, our many successful artists, creators and athletes are living proof of the country’s drive to excel and achieve.

Constant growth. The country’s greatest resource is its insistence on constantly improving and moving forward.

Why it’s important to us: A small country without natural resources has only one option – to turn its know-how into a resource. By developing future-proof skills and optimising complex processes, Lithuania is fuelling its growth. And we are committed to making sure our education system is not only among the best in the world, but also available and accessible to all. After all, in Lithuania, we’re hungry for knowledge.

How the world experiences it: Multiple major global companies that have come to Lithuania have been astonished by the skills, flexibility, perseverance and ambition of our professionals, and by the high standards they like to set for themselves.

Today, Lithuania boasts one of the most vibrant startup ecosystems in the world and is at the forefront of advances in digital technologies, biotech, and culture.

What the world is discovering here is a well-educated society, abundant tech-savvy talent, and highly qualified professionals and internationally respected specialists, all constantly seeking to further grow and develop.

Freedom to create. Facing new things with openness and courage creates huge opportunities.

Why it’s important to us: In Lithuania we like to create, to experiment, to welcome innovations. Even under the restrictions of Soviet rule, we created spaces for artistic and personal freedom to prosper. And more than 30 years after regaining independence, we’re still discovering new ways of expressing ourselves.

How the world experiences it: Lithuanian artists are renowned for their ability to free art from the restrictions of traditions, allowing us to look at the world from different perspectives. Across the spectrum of artistic expression, from contemporary art to theatre, from classical to electronic music, from cinema to the visual arts, Lithuania art upturns convention, frees up interpretation, and brings new ideas to life.

And this freedom to create finds expression in other places too: in innovation, in new approaches, and progressive ideas. The country’s booming startup sector is ample evidence of this. Meanwhile, the country’s Technology clusters are providing a greenhouse that’s helping bring new ideas to life.

Connection to nature. Wherever you are in Lithuania, pristine nature is only a few steps away – offering you peace and harmony, and rest from the rapid pace of modern life.

Why it’s important to us: Inseparable from ancient Baltic traditions, nature has always been a part of Lithuanians’ spiritual life. Maintaining a strong connection with nature – our forests, sea, rivers and marshes – plays an important part in the lives of Lithuanians. Asked in a recent survey why it is good to live in Lithuania, the largest part of the population (45%) answered simply: “Nature is always close by!”

How the world experiences it: People seeking to find the perfect balance between nature and modern lifestyle, comfort and eco-friendliness, quickly fall in love with Lithuania.

Love for everything natural also explains the popularity of organic and natural products in Lithuania. Utenos Trikotažas is the first and so far only garment maker in the world to meet Greenpeace’s strict environmental standards for textile production, while the food producer Auga Group runs the largest vertically integrated organic farm in Europe – one that’s both state-of-the-art and sustainable.

Changes in our energy sector, development of the green economy and advanced environmental solutions all add to the picture. Lithuania boasts Europe’s most successful deposit system for beverage packaging and the world’s first nationwide solar-power rental platform. Environmentalism is an integral part of how Lithuanian, designers, artists and innovators think. For an example of this, look no further than the award-winning opera Sun & Sea (Marina)

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