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Accelerated careers in Lithuania
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Lithuania makes upward mobility easy thanks to an egalitarian work culture, where skills, knowledge and drive are valued above all else. And it’s not only one of the best countries to launch your own venture (which you can do with a couple of clicks), but also a place where maintaining a healthy work-life balance is cherished.

Where you're never too young to be successful

Lithuania is a young country. But that youth should not be mistaken for inexperience or a lack of focus and maturity. Far from it, the country’s most successful current crop of politicians may be young, but they are proving themselves on the international stage. Virginijus Sinkevičius, now a European Commissioner, became Minister of Economy in 2017 at the young age of 27. Meanwhile, the current Economy Minister Aušrinė Armonaitė took office at 31. Young leaders are taking the reins of the country’s future and pushing society forward.

Career opportunities nothing short of international

Living and working in Lithuania, it’s easy to take part in something more global. From household names like Uber, Thermo Fisher and Revolut, to promising startups like NanoAvionics, Ziticity and CGTrader, there are hundreds of international companies who are always on the lookout for talented and smart people.

People searching for a purposeful career will be happy to learn that solutions developed in Lithuania are making an impact beyond its borders. The country’s first unicorn Vinted brings a circular economy solution to millions of fashionistas, while dozens of cities rely on Trafi to make commuting as seamless and efficient as possible.

When it comes to upgrading your skills, Lithuanians are huge believers in life-long learning International conferences (like Login), seminars and training, prominent foreign speakers, active professional communities, and special programmes at universities. All of these ingredients create the perfect recipe for continuous personal growth.

Where equality of opportunity is held in high regard

Ranking 8th in the world for ensuring women’s rights and opportunities, according to the Global Gender Gap Report for 2021,  Lithuania is taking equal opportunities seriously. In fact, following elections in late 2020, the share of women ministers in the government grew to 43 percent and the proportion of women in parliament rose to 28 percent. Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė joined the prime PMs of Denmark, Finland and Germany as the only female heads of government in the EU.

Gender parity in the labour force, meanwhile, has reached 97 percent, with over 77 percent of women active in the job market and 70 percent of professional and technical roles held by women. Lithuania is also Europe’s leader for female representation in the engineering sciences, with women accounting for 57 percent of professionals and academics in the sector.

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