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about Lithuania

Co-creating impactful solutions, tackling global challenges, supporting freedom and democracy in our part of the world and beyond. 

Together with our allies and partners, we continue to provide assistance to Ukraine in its fight against the brutal Russian invasion. Lithuania ranks third globally in aid committed in terms of the share of GDP, with 79% of Lithuanians backing military assistance to Ukraine. Various crowdfunding initiatives have affirmed this widespread support, including a campaign raising €14M for air defence radars for Ukraine. We have also been at the forefront of taking economic action against Russia, from galvanising support for international sanctions to being the first EU country to fully eliminate dependence on Russian gas.  

Resilient and resourceful, Lithuania is also a place where great ideas come to life. It’s a stage where a cooperative spirit meets skilful improvisation to create globally recognised innovations in business, science, culture, and governance. In the realms of business and science, we edit genes, disrupt the payment infrastructure, and build laser technology that helps move progress forward. In culture, we have helped revolutionise filmmaking and make huge Hollywood projects happen. Meanwhile, we are building bridges between the public sector and startups that yield great and unexpected results. When it comes to international relations, we are proud of the part we play in the Eastern Partnership initiative and NATO’s deterrence strategy. And the thread that runs through all of this? A desire to co-create – to share, inspire and empower.


In Lithuania, a spirit for invention, blended with smart governance and an open-minded culture, creates the right conditions for co-creating impactful solutions that cross borders and reach into the lives of people all around the world.

“We open our land, our dominions, and our kingdom to every person of goodwill.” These words of Lithuania’s Grand Duke Gediminas are as true today as they were when they were written in 1323. Intended as an invitation to knights, merchants, and artisans, this spirit of welcomeness is what lies at the heart of Lithuania’s capacity for co-creation. And this is nowhere more obvious than in the diverse group of institutions that now call Lithuania home: there’s a Belarusian university in exile, a host of post-Brexit Fintechs, 850 startups (and counting), and, of course, a wide range of international players – from German automotive giants to US life sciences pioneers.


65 300 km²


2.8 million people live in Lithuania


Vilnius is home to 600 000 people


Forests cover 1/3 of the country


A Northern European country on the Baltic Sea

What makes Lithuania special is not simply that it marks the compass point where Northern, Eastern, Western Europe converge. More importantly, it is the place where the values of democracy, freedom, tolerance and hospitality find unity and voice. Co-operating with other European nations, we build bridges between institutions, businesses and people. We see it as our mission to defend freedom and democracy in our part of the world and beyond.

Vilnius – a green capital that’s primed for innovation and creativity

With its lush green spaces and cosmopolitan centre, Vilnius strikes the right balance for people looking for inspiration, career growth and modern healthy living. With 46% of the territory being a green space, it is one of the cleanest and greenest cities in the EU. But Vilnius’s beautiful exterior belies a fiercely innovative and dynamic soul. The city is a leader in open data initiatives, and its thriving startup sector is a draw for some of the best entrepreneurial minds in the EU.

Nature in Lithuania is always right beside you

For Lithuanians, green is not simply a colour – it’s a way of life. That’s why they never lose their touch with nature. And this is even true for city dwellers. Wherever you turn, you’ll see green in every shade and hue. Forests blend into urban sites, while ancient woods and bogs host rare animals and birds – from the mighty bison to the hard-to-spot aquatic warbler. An extensive network of well-marked trails allows you to easily escape the hustle and bustle of the city into a world of forest, field and flower.

Four different seasons allow you to enjoy the country in many different ways

The variety of seasons and weather ensures life in Lithuania is anything but boring. You can experience all four seasons here: in winter, fun in the snow, and in warmer months, active leisure time in nature, by the sea or the many lakes and rivers.

12 000-14 000 B.C.

The country was first inhabited in 12 000-14 000 B.C.


Lithuania’s name found its first mention in the Annals of Quedlinburg in the year 1009.


In 1990, Lithuanian independence was restored.


In 2004, the country joined the EU and NATO.


Lithuania - a name first coined 1,000 years ago

A millennium is a long time for any country. Lithuania has survived the trials of history to become a creative and modern Northern European state and an active member of NATO, the EU and OECD. Although Lithuania’s name found its first mention in the Annals of Quedlinburg in the year 1009, people had inhabited its lands from around 12 000-14 000 B.C.

A historically welcoming and collaborative nation

We have a long and successful history of co-operating with countries beyond our borders to achieve greater results. In fact, this co-creating spirit stretches back to the 14th century, when Grand Duke Gediminas wrote in his letter to European rulers in 1323 that “we open our land, our dominions and our kingdom to every person of goodwill.” And from then on we have welcomed people from all walks of life and from all countries to help us build a better future, not only for Lithuania, but for the greater world beyond.

A realm uniting diverse peoples and lands

Lithuania has long been in the business of bringing diverse people, beliefs and traditions together. For evidence of this, all we need to do is look back to Medieval times, when the Grand Duchy of Lithuania stretched from the Baltic to the Black Seas. The GDL reached its maturity in 1253, when Mindaugas was crowned Lithuania’s one and only King. And what was it that spurred the country’s quick expansion? Its inclusive and tolerant approach to other peoples’ beliefs and traditions.

The singing revolution that accelerated the Soviet Union’s demise

Lithuania was the first country to declare independence from the Soviet Union, paving the way for other nations to break free. Rather than fight with guns, Lithuanians took the peaceful route, and one might even say they won their freedom singing. The turning point in the peaceful protests held by Lithuanians was the Baltic Way – a human chain of 2 million people formed from Vilnius to Tallinn on 23 August 1989.


In Lithuania, we don’t just talk about the future, we make it happen today.

Freedom to create

Facing new things with openness and courage creates huge opportunities.

Constant growth

The country’s greatest resource is its insistence on constantly improving and moving forward.

Connection to nature

Wherever you are in Lithuania, pristine nature is only a few steps away.


We’re all about walking the walk

Ever since Lithuania regained independence, we had to prove ourselves to the world. By bringing the country’s best minds together, we carved ourselves niches in photonics and biotechnology, and created a welcoming and bustling hub for fintech and cybersecurity. At the same time, our musicians, artists and filmmakers are finding their way into the hearts of millions across the world. And it’s just the beginning!

Talent is our (super)natural resource

What Lithuania lacks in gold and oil, it makes up with its scientists, developers and inventors. With free education and accessible career opportunities, we have raised a generation of problem solvers and co-creators. The influx of international companies coming here to do research and tackle global challenges is the best litmus test for the quality of our super(natural) resource.

Enjoying our freedom 110%

Once we tasted independence more than 30 years ago, we just can’t get enough! Freedom in Lithuania comes in many shapes and sizes: from daring experimental art to unrestricted scientific discovery in the fields of gene editing and nanoparticle physics.

Getting recharged in nature

In Lithuania, nature and culture have gone hand in hand since the times of the Baltic tribes. We like to combine our digital lifestyle with nature getaways. Depending on the season, you’ll find us cross-country skiing, cycling, picking mushrooms or swimming in a lake.

Fast to open a business

Just 24 hours to open a business with an electronic signature.

Easy to do business

Lithuania is ranked 12th globally for Economic Freedom (Frazer Institute, 2022).

Booming startups ecosystem

Lithuania’s startup ecosystem ranks 17th globally (StartupBlink 2023).

Multilingual professionals

85% of professionals speak English.


A growing innovation ecosystem

Lithuania’s startup ecosystem is fast becoming a greenhouse for global and local innovators in the fields of fintech, IT, life sciences and gaming. The country currently ranks first in the European Union for the number of licenced fintech companies, while Lithuanian lasers are used by NASA, CERN and world-famous companies like IBM, Hitachi, Toyota and Mitsubishi. And in the field of scientific discoveries, the country’s specialists have earned the famed Kavli Prize for the advancement of gene-editing technology.

It’s easy to do business in Lithuania

Lithuania believes in business and that’s why you’ll find less red tape, shorter bureaucratic processes, and faster decision-making than elsewhere. In 2021, the country was ranked 12th globally for Economic Freedom on the Frazer Institute and it’s not difficult to see why. With an electronic signature, you can open a business here in 24 hours, and its favourable business infrastructure makes it a draw for foreign investors. Not only that, it has one of the fastest public wireless speeds in the world.

A great place to innovate

Lithuania is working hard to create the kind of regulatory conditions and business environment that will allow companies and entrepreneurs to dream big and make those dreams a reality. Local stakeholders from national and municipal governments are responsive to the needs of investors and innovators and keen to actively co-create to ensure the right conditions are available for experimentation, development and growth.

World-class talent

Skilled, multi-lingual, motivated, open-minded, and driven to tackle global challenges head-on – especially in the world of tech. Lithuanian professionals have all the ingredients needed to make their mark on the world stage. And foreign investors in the country agree – praising the local talent for their ability to be great team players who are excellent not only at solving problems, but at creating solutions.

Summer temperatures can rise up to 30° C or more, while in winter they can fall as low as −25° C

Main facts

Member of the EU, NATO, Schengen, the UN and the OECD

Official language: Lithuanian

Currency: the euro

Time zone: UTC+2

Dialling code: +370


Standard voltage: 230 V

Emergency number: 112