01 Jan

Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022

Kaunas, Lithuania
Kaunas – European Capital of Culture 2022

The artistic programme „Contemporary Capital“ is visualisation of a journey from the CONFUSSION through the CONFLUENCE towards the CONSCIOUSNESS. Our goal is for the programme to include as much visual arts, music, theatre, literature, new media and technologies and interdisciplinary arts as possible. Yet it is not about the genres, but rather the most relevant topics concerning Kaunas, Lithuania and Europe. We cannot move forward without waking up the memory, promoting an advanced approach to heritage, inclusion, respect to multiculturalism and differentness. Because if we want to be CONTEMPORARY, we have to overcome the CONFUSSION of our fragmented history and censored mentality also understanding that the CONFLUENCE at which we live is not only that of two largest rivers of Lithuania, but also of very different people and ideas that sometimes clash with one another. Having understood that, we will cultivate our CONSCIOUSNESS, that will pave a productive way towards a more successful community that can be found on the European map.

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