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1.The key logotype of the Lithuania Co-create:

2. The Lithuania Co-create logo versions:

2.1. horizontal version of the Lithuania Co-create:  

2.2. Lithuania Co-create Solutions is intended for presenting public governance solutions and communication of growing ecosystems for innovation, business environment and Lithuania’s talent; also, for the invitation to cooperate with Lithuania in addressing global challenges:

2.3. Lithuania Co-create Culture is intended for the communication of new ideas and those behind them, the openness of the field of culture to international partnerships, and liberating spaces for creation:

2.4. Lithuania Co-create Life is intended for the communication of the balance between a faster career and a slower life, comfortable cities, and natural environment:

2.5. Lithuania Co-create Governance is intended for the communication of openness to change and the resulting proactive initiatives at the municipal, national, and international levels:

3. Other versions of the Lithuania Co-create:

3.1. the version of the country name intended for the use in minor-scale measures or communication, where a strategic message is not a priority:

3.2. the Lithuanian version of the country name intended for the use of the content in the Lithuanian language for domestic communication:

3.3. the version of the symbol intended for the use in representational functions or as an additional element next to the Lithuania Co-create:

4. The version of the logo of the originating country. This version is primarily intended to help to uniformly communicate a message about products and/or services developed by Lithuania itself or together with foreign partners: