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Lithuanian-American Innovation Award to inspire future leaders

In October 2022, the Baltic-American Freedom Foundation (BAFF), the U.S. Embassy in Lithuania, and Innovation agency Lithuania will celebrate visionaries of Lithuania’s tech and entrepreneurial community and the cutting-edge technologies they created in partnership with entities or individuals from the United States.

On this occasion, a Lithuanian-American Innovation Award 2022 is organized.

The initiative aims to recognize and inspire future leaders in academia, science, technology, and business and foster international collaboration in reaching their full potential.

The award winner will receive a prize of EUR 10,000, and the runner-up will be granted a EUR 5,000 prize. In addition, a special Impact Award will be given to recognize an applicant that furthers a common U.S.-Lithuanian social or environmental objective.

The prizes are funded by the Baltic-American Freedom Foundation (BAFF).

Who can apply?

Lithuanian individuals, companies, academic institutions, or organizations can submit applications. The main criteria for recognition are innovative solutions in the applicant’s area of expertise and collaboration with a partner from the United States during the creative process.

Evaluation criteria

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

I. Quality of innovation:

How scientifically important and novel the innovation is?

To what extent it solves a specific problem?

What is the project‘s level of technological readiness?

Has the innovation or its business application received any special recognition?

II. Collaboration aspect:

Was the innovation created collaboratively between Lithuanian and American individuals or entities, and/or is there a U.S.-Lithuanian nexus for the innovation?

Additional information for The Impact Award:

The award criteria are similar, but the application must demonstrate innovation in its approach to furthering common U.S.-Lithuanian social or environmental objectives, for example defending human rights or combatting climate change.

Impact Award nominations could include innovative use of an already existing tool but for the common good.

Applicants must clearly identify the common U.S.-Lithuanian social or environmental objectives.

This year, applicants have a unique opportunity to consult with InterInoLT experts who will support applicants in presenting their innovations.

Applicants seeking advice on their submissions are invited to send their questions to InterInoLT innovation expert Mr. Janušauskas ([email protected]; +370 687 15 305). Mr. Janušauskas can also be contacted for further consultations on assessing the disruption potential of projects and ideas, best ways of searching for partners abroad, or becoming part of international scientific research, development, and innovation programs.

How to apply?

Applicants must submit a filled-in application form which includes:

A summary of their project in English (up to 1000 words) describing the innovation and how the project meets the selection criteria.

Additional documents (up to 6 pages) to support the application (including references, recommendations, reviews, photos, more detailed plans, etc.)

A confirmation that all the information in the application is accurate and valid and that the applicant meets all Terms and Conditions.


Application window: September 5 – September 23 (inclusive)

Award ceremony: 20 October 2022

The organizers retain the right to change the current terms and conditions.

For more information please contact:

Karolina Urbonaitė

Innovation Agency

International Programme Director

+370 663 42667

[email protected]